Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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secrets in the walls
secrets in the walls /


Release Year: 2010

Director: Christopher Leitch

Starring: Jeri Ryan, Kay Panabaker, Peyton List

A mother and her two daughters move from Detroit to a rural suburb area. It doesn’t take long for unexplainable events to occur inside their new home. Rachel, the mother, does some research on the house and finds out a girl went missing who lived there long ago.

The girl who disappeared is haunting the house and begins the process of taking over the body of one of Rachel’s daughters. The ensuing struggle for the family to protect themselves from a spirit boils down to a pretty good horror movie.

Secrets in the Walls was a made for TV movie that was also released on DVD. Jeri Ryan is the star of the film, playing Rachel. It’s not often you find quality with a made for TV movie, especially in the horror genre but this one gets the job done.

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