Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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28. Stonehearst Asylum

Release Year: 2014

Director: Brad Anderson

Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, Michael Caine, Ben Kingsley, David Thewlis

Nothing is ever as it seems at Stonehearst Asylum. Kate Beckinsale plays Eliza Graves who we first see in an Oxford University classroom getting drugged to be treated for her case of “female hysteria” stemming from the actions of her husband. She stabs her husband in the eye and bites his ear off which gets her admitted to Stonehearst Asylum where we meet the staff of doctors and people to protect and help the inmates.

However, as it turns out, perhaps the doctors and nurses we thought were helping the patients are not who they seem.

It’s an A-list cast with Kate Beckinsale, Michael Caine, and Ben Kingsley but Jim Sturgess, who is a relative unknown (21, Cloud Atlas) plays the pivotal role of the new doctor at Stonehearst who falls for Eliza and tries to escape with her. What will become of the new doctor and the mental patient? 

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