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out of the dark
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Out of the Dark

Release Year: 2014

Director: Lluís Quílez

Starring: Julia Stiles, Scott Speedman, Frank Cuervo, Pixie Davies, Alejandro Furth

In the early 1990s, a doctor in Colombia was up to some sketchy practices. The doctor burns the files of his children patients, but before he can abandon his lab, he is haunted by what looks like ghost children and mysteriously disappears.

The story picks up decades later with a family moving from the UK to Colombia where the father of the family owns a business. Soon after the family moves in and begins a new life, the couple’s young daughter begins to fear things in the night and even comes down with an unknown illness. When the family tries to fly back to the UK to get their daughter proper medical attention, she is kidnapped by the ghost children.

Anytime you involve dead children haunting a family, it’s pretty scary stuff, and this movie doesn’t disappoint. The exotic backdrops seen throughout the film lend a beautiful yet creepy feel to the storyline. Out of the Dark stars Julia Stiles and Scott Speedman, boasting some star power, especially for an international horror film release.

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