Best Drama Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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No. 1 – Good Will Hunting (1997)

Written by: Matt Damon and Be n Affleck

Directed By: Gus Van Sant

Starring Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Minnie Driver, Ben Affleck, and Stellan Skarsgard

Very rarely does a movie come along that has every element that any fan of films is looking for. Good Will Hunting is one of the very few movies in history, and the only movie to truly accomplish this on this particular list, to hit every single note that makes a transcendent film. It is a work of art, a feel-good movie, a character study of the abused and the depressed, and a perfect love story wrapped up in one. That is why it is number one here.

Good Will Hunting is about a troubled young man, Will (Damon), who works as an overnight janitor at MIT; he also just happens to be a genius who is able to solve some of the hardest mathematical equations known to man, with ease. Once one of the professors at MIT (Skarsgard) figures out Will’s talent, he tries his best to hone his skills through intellectual training, as well as court-ordered counseling through therapist Sean (Williams) as a way of maximizing Will’s potential in life. Will also finds comfort and motivation from his love interest, Skylar (Driver), who knows deep down Will wants to be more than he, but is just too scared to try.

First, this is the best Matt Damon movie, to this date. Second, this is the best Robin Williams performance and it’s not even close. Finally, this is also one of the best directed films of the last thirty years, as well, with Gus Van Sant focusing on character expressions through much of the film better than almost any filmmaker I can remember. Not to mention the fact that Damon and Affleck’s script manages to hit some of the quintessential love story notes, but never feels cliché. They do what Cameron Crowe has been trying to do with his movies for decades, but they nail it on the first try. This is partly because Robin Williams’ Sean is as heartbreaking of a character as we have ever seen, and one can never watch his first real scene with Damon’s Will too many times.

All in all, Good Will Hunting has everything someone may be looking for in a Netflix drama, and tops all of the qualifications established way back at the beginning. It is a perfect film, with a perfect cast, and an incredible story filled with Matt Damon and Robin Williams hitting verbal half court shots for two hours straight. You couldn’t possibly ask for anything better.

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