Every major death in The Fall of the House of Usher, explained

The Fall of the House of Usher. Carla Gugino as Verna in episode 102 of The Fall of the House of Usher. Cr. Eike Schroter/Netflix © 2023
The Fall of the House of Usher. Carla Gugino as Verna in episode 102 of The Fall of the House of Usher. Cr. Eike Schroter/Netflix © 2023 /

The Fall of the House of Usher is finally out, and what a great horror series it is! Mike Flanagan has created another masterpiece, and we still can’t get over how everything wrapped up in the end.

Given what the show is about, we knew just how dark it could get. I mean, it follows a successful family who begins to meet their brutal deaths one by one because of the patriarch’s shady past. But we were still surprised to see Flanagan not shy away from making the character deaths as bloody as possible.

This Netflix show definitely isn’t for the faint of heart because it has some pretty intense and gruesome deaths. But who all died in the horror series and how? Below, we’ve compiled a list of all the character deaths in The Fall of the House of Usher.

Spoilers from The Fall of the House of Usher ahead. 

Why are the Usher family members dying?

Before we discuss how each major character dies, it’s important to mention why each character dies. It’s revealed later in the series that each Usher family member dies because of a past deal Roderick and Madeline made with the shape-shifting demon, Verna.

While the deal made Roderick and Madeline the successful people they are in the present, it came at a cost. Per Verna’s deal, when Roderick and Madeline die, the rest of their bloodline dies with them. Since they’re close to dying, Verna comes to the present and leads each Usher family member to their death. It’s all part of the deal.

How does Perry die?

The first character to die in the horror series is Prospero. After Roderick and Madeline reject Prospero’s business proposal of making a nightclub, Prospero decides to go against them and throw an anonymous debauchery social event at an old Fortunato Pharmaceuticals building.

While he and everyone else are having a good time at the party, a mysterious woman with a skull mask enters the building. Prospero is instantly intrigued. The woman ends up being Verna, and she’s at the party to collect.

As Prospero, Morrie, and everyone else dance and have fun, Verna goes around whispering in the wait staff’s ears telling them to leave. She even tells Morrie to leave, but Morrie decides to stay. Prospero tells one of his friends to hit the switch to turn on the sprinklers thinking water is going to come out, but a highly acidic medical byproduct comes out instead and burns Prospero and the rest of the partygoers alive. The only person to survive is Morrie.

How does Camille die?

The second Usher family member to die is Camille. Camille goes to the R.U.E. labs to get dirty intel on Victorine’s monkey test trials but ends up dead by the hands of Verna. As Camille looks around the lab, she discovers that Victorine has been pumping up the monkeys with adrenaline. Verna then walks into the lab disguised as a security guard but then shapeshifts into a monkey and tears Camille to shreds.

How does Leo die?

The third Usher family member to die is Leo. Leo decides to throw a party at his house but wakes up the next morning having no memory of what happened the night before because he took so many drugs.

As he gets ready for the day, he notices blood on his hands and shirt. He finds a trail of blood leading to the back of one of his couches. When he gets to the end of the trail, he finds his boyfriend’s dead cat. He decides not to tell his boyfriend what he did and instead buys a new cat that looks exactly the same. This is when he runs into Verna, but she’s disguised as a vet owner. Leo buys a mysterious black cat from her.

The cat begins terrorizing Leo, leaving dead animals all over the house and scratching him any chance it gets. But Leo is the only person that can see it besides Verna. Fed up with the cat, he calls the vet owner (Verna) to come get it. But Verna just makes him more paranoid about the cat. Remember, Verna is there to basically kill Leo. So, she makes it where Leo hallucinates the cat to drive him crazy.

Leo becomes so determined to kill the cat that he destroys his entire loft. The cat eventually leads Leo to the balcony where he falls to his death.

How does Victorine die?

Victorine meets Verna who is disguised as a heart transplant patient at her girlfriend’s clinic. She thought she had her first human test subject for her new heart technology, but it’s all a lie. This was Verna’s way of leading Victorine to her death.

Victorine tries to convince her girlfriend Alessandra to perform the surgery on Verna, but she refuses to do so. As Alessandra is about to exit the front door of their house, Victorine throws a small statue at the back of her head, ultimately killing her.

This is when Victorine starts to spiral. She starts hearing a ticking noise everywhere she goes which drives her crazy. Roderick comes over to her house to apologize and notices that same ticking noise coming from a room. He opens the door to the room and sees Alessandra’s dead body lying on a table with Victorine’s heart tech beeping in her chest where her heart should be.

Victorine has completely lost it at this point and walks into the room. She tells her dad that she can still fix Alessandra and that all she needs is a better heart. She then stabs herself in the chest with a knife.

How does Tamerlane die?

Verna disguises herself as a sex worker when she meets Tamerlane. After one sexual incident with Tamerlane, her husband, and Verna, Tamerlane starts seeing Verna everywhere. She becomes jealous and even accuses her husband of cheating with Verna. But nobody can see Verna but Tamerlane.

At her business launch, Tamerlane freaks out on stage and destroys the equipment around her. She even knocks out her stepmom with a mic stand when she thinks she sees Verna standing by her. After this incident, Tamerlane decides to go home. There, she starts seeing Verna pop up everywhere. She grabs a pointy object and starts hitting every mirror that she sees Verna in. But the last mirror she ends up hitting is above her bed, and once she hits it, all the glass comes falling down on her, ultimately killing her.

How does Frederick die?

Frederick dies after being cut up by a sharp object that falls from an old Fortunato Pharmaceuticals building. Frederick goes to demolish the old Fortunato Pharmaceuticals building where Perry died, but before he lets the workers knock it down, he goes inside the building to pee on the ground. He then takes some of Morrie’s drugs but ends up taking too much. He collapses to the ground and is unable to move his body. This is when Verna comes in, disguised as a construction worker.

She uses Frederick’s walkie-talkie and makes her voice sound like Frederick’s to give the real construction workers the order to knock down the building with him inside it. The building completely collapses, killing Frederick.

How does Lenore die?

Lenore’s death was the saddest but the least brutal. Remember, the entire Usher bloodline dies when Roderick and Madeline are about to die because of the deal. This includes Lenore. After Lenore’s dad and all of her aunts and uncles die, Verna shows up in Lenore’s room to kill her.  Verna lays her hand on Lenore’s forehead, putting her to permanent sleep.

How does Roderick and Madeline die?

Now that all of the heirs have died and Roderick has given his confession to Auguste Dupin, it’s time for Roderick and Madeline to meet their demise. While Roderick and Madeline are fighting in their old childhood home, the house begins to collapse. Auguste manages to make it out of the house, but Roderick and Madeline aren’t so lucky.

The Fall of the House of Usher is streaming now on Netflix.

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