One of the scariest movies on Netflix is getting a prequel this month

Sister Death. Cr: Netflix.
Sister Death. Cr: Netflix. /

One of the scariest movies on Netflix will expand its universe in just a couple of weeks! Spanish filmmaker Paco Plaza is back with a prequel movie to his hit horror film Verónica, the 2017 possession story loosely based on the true story of Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro, a young girl who died after allegedly using a Ouija board in 1991 Vallecas, Spain.

Sister Death (Hermana Muerte in Spanish) is set in post-war Spain and follows a young Sister Narcisa (Aria Bedmar). In Verónica, Narcisa is dubbed “Sister Death” by the students. She’s blind and many of them fear her due to her somewhat off-putting nature. However, she is one of the only people who helps Vero figure out what’s happening to her amid the supernatural distress.

In the 2017 film, we learn that Narcisa blinded herself because she wanted to stop seeing horrifying entities and shadows surrounding her. Unfortunately, she later learns that there are more ways to see than just sight.

What is Sister Death about?

Sister Death will center on the nun long before we meet her in Verónica. Here, she’s simply a young woman with supernatural abilities studying to be a teacher at a boarding school for girls (formerly a convent). I believe it is the same school that Vero will later attend and begin her own odyssey of misery after using an Ouija board with her friends in the basement. It’ll be interesting to see how Sister Death‘s horrors connect to the ones in Verónica. Perhaps we’ll learn more about the origins of the entity that attacked Vero and her siblings.

Throughout her days at the school, Narcisa witnesses strange and disturbing events that lead her to uncover a labyrinth of secrets haunting the school and its students. Whatever Narcisa sees, we know it will inevitably lead her to blinding herself. The trailer seems to tease that she does so with a pair of scissors. Ick.

I was disappointed by The Nun II, released this past September, but I have hope that Plaza’s latest movie will be the superior of the two nun-centric horror movies. I’m a little disappointed that Plaza isn’t writing the script for this one, that honor goes to Jorge Guerricaechevarría, but it was Plaza’s directing style more so than his script that made Verónica so effective.

I look forward to seeing what he does with Sister Death and, while I’m not familiar with Guerricaechevarría’s work, I’m excited to see what kind of story he’s crafted.

Sister Death cast

Aria Bedmar is a 28-year-old Spanish actress and dancer best known for playing Camino Pasamar in the Spanish soap opera Acacias 38. Bedmar landed the title role in Sister Death, portraying the young Sister Narcisa. She’s no stranger to Netflix Originals, having starred in the dark drama Muted and the epic period drama Heirs to the Land. The Cook of Castamar is also streaming Netflix, in which she plays Eugenia Almendrales.

Apart from Bedmar, the film stars Almudena Amor as Sister Socorro and Maru Valdivielso as Sister Julia. Amor received several awards and acclaim for her role in the Spanish comedy-drama film The Good Boss and also starred in Muted alongside her Sister Death co-star. The movie also features Luisa Merelas, Chelo Vivares, Sara Roch, Olimpia Roch, Adriana Camarena, Martina Delgado, and Claudia Fernández Arroyo.

Sister Death premieres on October 26 on Netflix. Verónica is streaming now.

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