Everything Now season 2 renewal status and everything we know so far

Everything Now season 1Image Courtesy Netflix
Everything Now season 1Image Courtesy Netflix /

Now that Everything Now season 1 is officially out, people are quickly making their way through the eight episodes on Netflix. But for the people who’ve already finished the first season, you’re probably wondering if you’ll get to see the return of Mia and Co in a second installment in the future.

Well, you know you can always count on us at Netflix Life to provide you with all the important information regarding anything Netflix-related. Honestly, we’re just as eager to see an Everything Now season 2 as everyone else, so we’ve been keeping track of every new piece of information that’s been announced or released about the show to put in a guide to share with you.

We’ll constantly update this extensive guide as more information comes out, so make sure to check back from time to time.

Everything Now season 2
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Is Everything Now renewed for a second season?

As of Oct. 6, the teen series has not been given the green light by Netflix for a second season. However, there’s no reason to be alarmed at the moment since the first season just came out. The streaming giant doesn’t typically renew/cancel its new shows so soon after they’re released. It usually waits to see how many people watch a show in a specific time frame before coming to a decision.

Of course, there are other factors that play a part in Netflix’s renewal process such as critical acclaim and production costs, but viewing hours are the most important. If the total viewing hours for the first season ends up being high enough to Netflix’s standards, the streamer might just give the go-ahead for a second season.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like we have to worry about critical acclaim because most reviews have been positive so far. The show also doesn’t look expensive to make, so production costs shouldn’t be an issue either.

When it comes to the show’s plot, the first season ends in a way where more story can be told in a second season. So, really what we need is those viewing hours to be high enough to better the chances of an Everything Now season 2 happening. If you want to see Mia and her friends’ stories continue, tell everyone you know about this teen series. We’ll be keeping watch over the next couple of weeks to see where the viewing hours land.

Renewal status: TBD

What is Everything Now about on Netflix?

Everything Now follows 16-year-old Mia Polanco (Sophie Wilde), who after spending a lengthy time in rehab for an eating disorder, returns home to find everything completely changed. Her friends have experienced things without her while she was gone, and she feels left behind. So, to take back her life and make up for lost time, she creates a bucket list of experiences she wants to accomplish. Of course, she has her best friends there to help her along the way.

The rest of the cast includes Lauryn Ajufo (Becca), Jessie Mae Alonzo (Carli), Harry Cadby (Cam)
Noah Thomas (Will), Robert Akodoto (Theo), Vivienne Acheampong (Viv), Alex Hassell (Rick), Sam Reuben (Alex), Niamh McCormack (Alison), and Stephen Fry (Dr. Nell).

Spoilers from the Everything Now season 1 finale ahead!

How does Everything Now season 1 end?

After Viv discovers that Mia has relapsed, she tells Mia that she’s placing her back in an in-patient treatment facility. Obviously, Mia doesn’t want to go back so she runs away with Carli. Meanwhile, her friends and family are worried about her and wondering where she is.

As Mia and Carli travel from place to place in London, crossing things off Mia’s bucket list, Carli eventually realizes what’s going on with Mia. She then convinces her to get professional help. After a good talk with Dr. Nell, Mia is in a much better place mentally. She makes a promise to her friends that she’ll do everything in her power to get better and they all decide to create a new bucket list of firsts together. The season ends with Mia realizing that just taking the necessary steps to getting better is good enough. She now realizes that recovery is a process and not something you can rush.

Here are some other things that happened in the season 1 finale:

  • Will and Theo end up together.
  • Rick’s mysterious new girlfriend is revealed to be Jenna’s mom, Carol.
  • Cam and Alison may have possibly hooked up.
  • Cam tells Becca he loves her, but they do not end up together.
  • Mia and Carli do not end up together because Carli wants Mia to be fully recovered first.

Shows like Everything Now on Netflix

Here’s a list of some other good teen series on Netflix to check out while you wait for updates on the Everything Now season 2 renewal status:

  • Heartstopper
  • Sex Education
  • Heartbreak High
  • Trinkets

We’ll keep you updated on the show’s renewal status, so stay tuned to Netflix Life.

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