Is Gen V on Netflix?

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The Boys college-set spin-off is finally here. Well, the first three episodes are. Where can you stream Gen V online? Is it on Netflix?

If you’re looking for a superhero story with a twist, The Boys is the place to turn. The series gives us a more realistic look of what would likely happen if there were people with superpowers. They wouldn’t all want to save the world. Instead, they would look for fame and fortune, and that’s what we see.

Now it’s time to see a slightly younger generation than the ones we’ve seen. It’s time for Gen V, a series that is set at a college for Supes. Of course, we’ll see the people who think they’re extra special because of their abilities, especially when they view their abilities as better than others.

Is Gen V on Netflix?

The big question for a lot of people is where to stream the series online. Will you be able to watch it on Netflix? This is where we have some bad news. This is not a series that’s available on Netflix.

Gen V is an Amazon Original Series, which means that it’s only on Prime Video. There’s no reason for Amazon and Netflix to share content, which means we shouldn’t expect it to arrive on Netflix. Never say “never,” but it’s highly unlikely.

The series is going to be released weekly. The first three episodes are now available to stream. The remaining episodes will release once a week.

Gen V cast

Who will star in the series? Well, Netflix fans will be happy to hear that there is a family face. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Jaz Sinclair stars as Marie Moreau in the series. She has the ability to manipulate blood and has a tragic past that the series is sure to explore.

Here’s a look at the Gen V main cast:

  • Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau
  • Chance Perdomo as Andre Anderson
  • Lizze Broadway as Emma Meyer
  • Maddie Phillips as Cate Dunlap
  • Derek Luh and London Thor as Jordan Li
  • Asa Germann as Sam
  • Shelley Conn as Indira Shetty

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Gen V is only available to stream on Prime Video.