The Devil’s Plan cast: Who’s in the Korean reality competition series?

The Devil's Plan Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
The Devil's Plan Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

We’ve seen several new Korean reality competition series in 2023, and adding to this list is a show called The Devil’s Plan. It premiered on Netflix on Sept. 26 with its first four episodes, and tons of people are watching and talking about it.

South Korean producer and director Jeong Jong-yeon is behind the new series. You might recognize him from his work on other Korean reality shows such as The GeniusGreat Escape and The Society Game.

The Devil’s Plan takes place over the course of a week and features 12 contestants competing in mind-bending games of wit, strategy, and wisdom to be crowned winner and go home with the ultimate 500 million won prize.

The cast comprises contestants from all walks of life who are all vying for the crown and grand prize. You’ll probably even recognize some of the contestants. So, are you wondering who’s participating in the competition? If so, we shared who you can expect to see competing in the various games below.

The Devil’s Plan cast

Here’s a list of all the savvy contestants participating in the mind games and intricate challenges throughout the season:

  • Seungkwan – A member of the popular K-POP boy group, Seventeen.
  • Kwak Joon-bin – Travel YouTuber
  • Orbit – A Science Communicator and YouTuber who studied astronomy.
  • Kim Dong-jae – A college student at Korea University and a professional poker player.
  • Park Kyeong-rim – A TV personality and comedian.
  • Suh Dong-joo (Danielle Suh) – A US attorney in California. She’s also the daughter of Korean celebrities Seo Jeong-hee and Seo Se-won.
  • Suh Yu-min – An Orthopedic Doctor in the US.
  • Guillaume Patry – An ex-pro gamer, professional poker player, bitcoin investor, and entrepreneur.
  • Lee Hye-sung – A TV personality and reporter who graduated from Seoul National University.
  • Cho Yeon-woo – A professional Go player who studied at University College Dublin.
  • Lee See-won – An actress who has a master’s degree in evolutionary psychology.
  • Ha Seok-jin – An actor who has a a degree in mechanical engineering from Hanyang University. You might recognize him from his role as Ri Moo-hyuk in the popular K-Drama Crash Landing on You.

New episodes are released on Netflix every Tuesday. Be sure to tune in and watch!

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