What happened to the real Lena in Dear Child on Netflix?

Kim Riedle on the set of Liebes Kind, Courtesy of Netflix 2023
Kim Riedle on the set of Liebes Kind, Courtesy of Netflix 2023 /

Dear Child (Liebes Kind) is one of the most popular new shows streaming on Netflix right now. The German series based on the book by Romy Hausmann has all the makings of an exceptional binge-watch with suspense and a gripping central mystery. One of the key questions is about what happened to the real Lena in Dear Child.

Dear Child spoilers ahead

When the show begins we’re introduced to “Lena Beck,” a traumatized woman who escapes from captivity with a young girl named Hannah and gets into a hit-and-run accident. But once the police and hospital staff begin investigating, it soon becomes apparent that something else is going on.

What happened to the real Lena in Dear Child on Netflix?

Part of the dark tragedy at the heart of Netflix’s German thriller is the fact that the real Lena in Dear Child passed away long before the events of the series began.

Lena Beck was tragically kidnapped by Lars Rogner 13 years before Dear Child starts. At the time, she had already been pregnant with another man’s child. That child was Hannah, so Hannah is not Lars’ biological daughter. However, while in captivity, Lars repeatedly raped and assaulted Lena, resulting in a second pregnancy, Jonathan.

Lena became pregnant a third time, but both she and her newborn baby succumbed to an infection. The “Lena” we meet at the beginning of the show is actually a woman named Jasmin Grass.

After the real Lena died, Lars would go out and kidnap other women bearing a striking resemblance to her and essentially repeat the entire twisted process over and over again. Jasmin was just the latest in a long line of “Lenas.” She wasn’t the first, but thanks to some quick thinking on her part, she will be the last.

At the end of the season, Jasmin manages to kill Lars with a shard of glass and he tells the detective where to find the real Lena’s body, as he buried her separate from all the others.

Who played the real Lena in Dear Child?

Kim Reidle plays Jasmin Grass, so we see a lot of her in the show and we’re initially led to believe she is the real Lena Beck. In actuality, the real Lena is portrayed by the German-French actress Jeanne Goursaud. Goursand has worked with Netflix before on the popular war drama Barbarians where she plays Thusnelda. Some of her other popular projects include The Chemistry of Death and The 15:17 to Paris.

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