Do the actors in Surviving Summer actually surf?

Surviving SummerImage Courtesy Netflix
Surviving SummerImage Courtesy Netflix /

Fans were elated to see the return of Summer Torres and her surfer friends in Surviving Summer season 2, but now they’re waiting on news about a Surviving Summer season 3. Unfortunately, the jury is still out on whether there will be a third season of the popular teen series, so we’ve been keeping ourselves busy in the meantime.

Now that it’s been a while since the second season was released on Netflix, we’re seeing tons of questions about it and the show as a whole. One question we’re seeing a lot of concerns the cast. People want to know if the Surviving Summer cast is actually surfing in the show.

Of course, you can count on us to provide you with the answer to this burning question. All you need to do is continue reading.

Do the actors in Surviving Summer actually surf?

Yes, the amazingly talented actors in the teen series are actually surfing. However, not all of the surfing is done by them. Some of the surfing scenes are done by professional surfers. This isn’t surprising because it can be risky if the actors were to do all of their stunt work.

As reported by The Sydney Morning Harold, Kai Lewins (Ari Gibson) does a lot of his stunts in the water, while Lilliana Bowrey (Poppy Tetanui) does all of hers. It was also reported that Joao Gabriel Marinho, who plays Marlon Sousa in the teen series, does some of his stunts too.

It comes as no surprise that Bowrey performs all of her surfing scenes because she’s a five-time Queensland junior surfing champ in real life.

In an interview with CherryPicks, Sky Katz (Summer Torres) revealed that the cast had to go through surfing training to prepare for their scenes. So, there’s your evidence on whether the cast is actually surfing in the show.

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