Surviving Paradise release date, synopsis, trailer, and everything to know

Surviving Paradise. (L to R) Aaron, Taylor, Eva in episode 105 of Surviving Paradise. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Surviving Paradise. (L to R) Aaron, Taylor, Eva in episode 105 of Surviving Paradise. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

In a world where reality television constantly pushes the boundaries of entertainment, there’s an exciting new show on Netflix’s horizon that promises to redefine paradise. Surviving Paradise is a new highly anticipated reality show set to make its debut on the streaming site next month.

Imagine the shock of twelve unsuspecting contestants, anticipating a summer of their lives living a life of luxury, only to be abruptly dropped into the untamed wilderness, stripped of all their luxuries and comforts. Their mission? To claw their way back into the coveted luxury villa, all for the chance to claim the $100,000 grand prize.

This new reality series promises to push contestants to their limits as they navigate the challenges of a remote tropical paradise, where survival instincts, teamwork, and determination will be put to the ultimate test.

If you want to get the low down ahead of its release, you’re in the right place! Join us as we unveil everything we know about Surviving Paradise below!

When is the Surviving Paradise release date?

Mark your calendars because the hottest new reality show is landing on Netflix on October 20, 2023. And the best part? All nine episodes of Surviving Paradise season 1 will be available to stream in one go, so no waiting around to find out who walks away with the grand cash prize!

Surviving Paradise synopsis

As per Netflix’s Media Center, the official synopsis for the reality series reads:

"“Twelve contestants think they are going to have the summer of their lives, living the life of luxury in a clifftop, oceanside villa. What they don’t know is that they’ll have to start with nothing, living in the wilderness without any lavish amenities. Through friendships and alliances, they’ll team up to fight their way into the villa for a chance at the $100,000 grand prize.”"

Surviving Paradise host

Although there is limited information about the contestants of Surviving Paradise, we do know that the reality series will be hosted by standup comedian Jessimae Peluso, who’s previously hosted the Netflix original series Tattoo Redo, and various comedy shows and events, such as her own podcast called Sharp Tongue, and live comedy performances at venues like City Winery and Punch Line Philly.

The show is executively produced by Tim Harcourt, Stephen Lambert, Stephen Yemoh, Nia Yemoh, Tom Barry, and Peter Campion for Studio Lambert and RAW.

Stay tuned for a complete guide to each contestant, with social media handles, coming your way soon!

Surviving Paradise trailer

Ahead of the October release, Netflix has shared an exciting trailer for the upcoming reality series. It shows the contestants enjoying their summer of luxury before being thrust into their new grueling reality of survival. Check it out below!

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