Who plays Wren in Surviving Summer? (Annabel Wolfe age, Instagram, and more)

Surviving Summer S2. Annabel Wolfe as Wren in Surviving Summer S2. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Surviving Summer S2. Annabel Wolfe as Wren in Surviving Summer S2. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Surviving Summer has finally returned with its second season, and we meet several new characters in the new installment. One of those characters is Wren Radic, played by Annabel Wolfe.

Wren, along with her older siblings, Elo and Baxter, move to Shorehaven in the second season of the teen series after an incident that got them kicked off their former surfing team. When we meet Wren in Surviving Summer season 2, we find out that she’s Ari’s new girlfriend.

But she’s not as sweet as she looks. We quickly learn that she can be manipulative and controlling, and this instantly rubs Summer the wrong way. However, she’s an incredible surfer, previously winning Nationals three years in a row with her former team.

Overall, Wren shakes things up in the second season, and she and Summer constantly bump heads. But we don’t want to go too deep into talking about Wren’s journey this season and spoil anything, so you’ll have to watch the second season yourself.

Now, let’s get to know the gifted actress playing the Wren character. Here’s everything to know about Annabel Wolfe right below.

Annabel Wolfe age

Annabel was reportedly born on March 22, 2002, in Sydney, Australia. This means she’s 21 years old as of September 2023, and her astrological sign is Aries. She also has long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

Annabel Wolfe Instagram

Look no further if you are looking for Annabel’s Instagram page. You can follow her on Instagram at the handle @annabelwolfe. She currently has over 37k followers, and this number is constantly increasing now that Surviving Summer season 2 is out. Most of her posts are selfies, photos of friends and family, pictures of her travels, and photos of projects she’s worked on.

Annabel Wolfe movies and TV shows

Like many of her co-stars, Annabel doesn’t have a ton of acting credits to her name. However, she’s a rising star, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll star in next.

Besides her role as Wren in Surviving Summer, she’s had roles in the TV shows Doctor DoctorThe UnlistedDiary of an Uber DriverBlack Snow and Home and Away. She also starred as Abbie Tansy in the action-adventure film My Pet Dinosaur.

Is Annabel Wolfe dating anyone?

It doesn’t appear so. She seems to be a private person when it comes to her personal life, so even if she was in a relationship, we’ll probably never know. She hasn’t been rumored to be dating anyone either. We’ve even scrolled through her social media pages for any clues as to who she could be dating but found nothing. So, for now, we’ll have to believe she’s single.

Watch Annabel Wolfe take on the role of Wren and stir up some drama in Surviving Summer season 2 now on Netflix.

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