Who plays Abbi in Sex Education season 4? (Anthony Lexa Instagram, roles, music, and more)

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Since season 1, we’ve been huge fans of the Sex Education cast, as we get to meet so many diverse, talented, and beautiful (inside and out) people. And thankfully for us, Sex Education season 4 is no different!

This season, we are fortunate enough to have Anthony Lexa with us. Anthony plays the role of Abbi, the queen bee of Cavendish College. Whether you love girls who don’t mind being a little bossy or can’t stand it, you’ll have to head to Netflix to learn a little more about whether there’s more to Abbi than it looks. But before you do check out the new season, allow us to tell you all about the face behind the actress.

Here’s everything to know about Anthony Lexa!

Anthony Lexa Instagram

Anthony’s Instagram has become a place where we get some makeup inspiration from, as it is filled with so many gorgeous makeup looks we can’t get enough of. (Here’s one of our favorites thus far!) If you feel the same way, be sure to give her a follow and join her 5,400 followers!

Anthony Lexa roles

Like her fellow co-star, Felix Mufti, Sex Education is Anthony’s first role on TV. We already know this isn’t the last we’ll see of Anthony. But for now, we’ll have to sit tight and wait for her next steps in Hollywood!

Anthony Lexa music

When Anthony isn’t working behind the camera, she’s in the studio working on some really cool music. As per SoundCloud, Anthony’s music sounds “hip-hop inspired indie pop tracks” and here are best songs:

  • “Noise”
  • “Ingredients”
  • “Moving On Up”

Perhaps she’ll release more music once her Sex Education fans give her songs a listen! Fingers crossed!

Be sure to check out Anthony Lexa in Sex Education season 4 streaming only on Netflix. And don’t forget to stay tuned with Netflix Life to learn everything there is to know about your favorite original series.

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