Who plays Aisha in Sex Education season 4? (Alexandra James Instagram, roles, and more)

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In the new season of Sex Education, there exists The Coven, a three-person group that runs Cavendish College. Aisha is one of the three people, and while she struggles with not being able to gossip at the positivity-driven school, her bubbly personality absolutely makes up for it.

Naturally, we don’t want to give away too much about Aisha and would rather let you experience the fourth and final season for yourself. However, fortunately for you, you don’t have to wait too long to learn all about the actress behind this role!

Here’s everything to know about Sex Education season 4 star Alexandra James!

Alexandra James Instagram

Want to learn more about Alexandra? Then the best place for you to go is her Instagram, @miss_sassyalex! There, you’ll find out tons of things about the star, including the fact that she’s been in a good amount of productions with some awesome costume design. (Check out this picture of her dressed as Carol from her Christmas-inspired play.)

Alexandra currently has about 885 followers, but that number will climb in due time! Be sure to give her a follow today to join her fanbase!

Alexandra James roles

Prior to her role as Aisha in Sex Education season 4, Alexandra can be spotted in a few other titles, including the 2016 TV series Backstage and a short called The Letter.

We’re bound to see her in way more TV shows and movies soon. But for now, we have the fortune of sitting back and watching her in her latest roles!

Alexandra James is a deaf actress

Here’s a fun fact about this Netflix star! Alexandra James is deaf in real life just like her character on the show, who wears a hearing aid to help her hear. She is also proficient in reading lips. Her disability is discussed in the first episode of the show, which is definitely a great introduction to both Aisha and the wonderful Alexandra.

Now that you know a little more about Alexandra James, head over to Netflix to stream every episode of season 4!

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