Who is Kai Lewins dating? The Surviving Summer star’s relationship status

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Surviving SummerImage Courtesy Netflix /

Kai Lewins plays the role of ambitious surfer Ari Gibson in Surviving Summer on Netflix. Since he portrays a fan-favorite character in the teen series, people can’t help but want to know more about him. Actually, we’re seeing tons of questions concerning the Surviving Summer star’s relationship status. People want to know if Kai Lewins is currently dating anyone. No worries. We shared everything we know about Kai’s current relationship status below.

Kai was reportedly born on Nov. 27, 2001, in Australia. His love for acting started when he was a young boy. His mom put him in a children’s agency where he did commercials and catalogs. From then on, he realized he wanted to take acting more seriously.

He made his television acting debut in the period drama series Wild Boys, where he played the character Tom Barrett. He then went on to take on roles in the TV shows The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife FightingPulseRoar and The Twelve. He also had roles in the movies Carlotta and Moon Rock for Monday. He’s also previously worked in theatre, something he enjoys doing just as much as TV and film acting.

But is this dashing fellow single or taken? Here’s what we know.

Who is Surviving Summer star Kai Lewins dating?

It’s unknown. Kai Lewins seems to be a very private person when it comes to his love life. He’s never publicly shared that he’s in a relationship, nor has he been spotted out by the paparazzi with a significant other. There was speculation that he was dating his Surviving Summer co-star Sky Katz, but that’s false news. He and Sky are just friends.

Kai could be secretly dating someone at the moment, but we wouldn’t know unless he’s spotted out with someone in a romantic manner or he publicly announces who he’s dating. So we’ll just have to believe Kai’s single until proven otherwise.

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