Class Act on Netflix cast: Who stars in the new French drama series?

Class Act. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Class Act. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

It seems fitting that Netflix’s new miniseries about the controversial French politician, singer, and actor, Bernard Tapie, would generate some controversy itself. Billed as a fictionalized biopic story, Class Act has been scorned by Tapie’s family and Tapie himself. Before he died in 2021, Tapie revealed he had not agreed to the show being made.

While the show does state it is a fictional version of Tapie’s life, it still seems a bit shady for it to be made against the express wishes of the man it’s based on and his family. Per The Guardian, Tapie’s widow, Dominique, has told French journalists she deplores the show.

"“The producers said it was a fiction, but a fiction called Bernard Tapie? I find that incredible. I do not condone it and I remind everyone that we were not consulted in any way.”"

As of September 13, 2023, all seven episodes of Class Act are streaming on Netflix and those interested in watching the show can check it out and draw their own conclusions about its depiction of Tapie, who is portrayed by French actor Laurent Lafitte. Lafitte has reportedly defended the show, per Luxus Magazine.

The outlet says he told BFM TV:  “As long as we are not defaming, we have the right, in France, to tell the life story of a public figure. However, I can understand concerns about respecting his memory.”

Besides Lafitte, who else stars in Class Act? Let’s go over the cast list.

Class Act on Netflix cast: Who’s in the cast of Class Act

Class Act was created by writer and director Tristan Séguéla and screenwriter Olivier Demangel. The scandalous television drama stars Elle and The Little Prince star Laurent Lafitte in the main role as former politician Bernard Tapie.

Lafitte is joined by a talented cast that includes Joséphine Japy as Bernard’s wife Dominique and Patrick d’Assumçao, who recently appeared in the 2023 film Jeanne du Barry. Japy is a César Award-nominated actress best known for starring in French movies like The Monk, Breathe, My Way, and Love at Second Sight.

Here’s the main cast of Class Act on Netflix and who they play:

  • Laurent Lafitte as Bernard Tapie, a French businessman and the Former Deputy in the National Assembly of France
  • Joséphine Japy as Dominique Tapie, Bernard’s wife
  • Patrick d’Assumçao
  • Camille Chamoux
  • Antoine Reinartz
  • Hakim Jemili
  • Julien Frison
  • Alexia Giordano
  • Ophélia Kolb

Watch official series trailer right here:

If you’re interested in watching Class Act, you can add the series to your Netflix watchlist here.

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