How many episodes of Spy Ops are there on Netflix? (and what are they about?)

Spy Ops. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Spy Ops. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Avid documentary watchers will want to check out Netflix’s fascinating political documentary series Spy Ops, streaming right now. The new series goes behind-the-scenes of some of the US military’s most covert operations, spy craft, CIA insider stories, and much more.

Spy Ops is easily one of Netflix’s most engrossing documentary series on spy craft, so if you’re intrigued enough to check it out, we’re sharing how long it will take you to watch the whole thing and what you need to know about each episode below.

How many episodes are in Spy Ops on Netflix?

There are eight episodes of the provocative political documentary series on Netflix. That’s not unusual for a docuseries, and, in fact, is longer than most. Many Netflix docuseries are only 3-6 episodes.

Spy Ops episode titles and runtimes

Since Spy Ops is a documentary series, you don’t necessarily need to watch every episode, or even watch them in order (except the two-parter installments). You can pick and choose the episodes that most interest you.

Here are the titles, runtimes, and a brief description for each episode of Spy Ops season 1 on Netflix:

  • Episode 1: “Operation Jawbreaker” (43 minutes)
    • Fifteen days after 9/11, CIA operatives land in Afghanistan with a mission to dismantle the Taliban.
  • Episode 2: “Operation Just Cause” (51 minutes)
    • During George H. W. Bush’s presidency, the US invades Panama to depose its de facto leader.
  • Episode 3: “Operation Pimlico” (44 minutes)
    • The MI6 attempts a daring rescue to retrieve a Soviet double agent from Moscow.
  • Episode 4: “The Plot to Kill the Pope” (50 minutes)
    • Testimony from the man who attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II.
  • Episode 5: “Operation Wrath of God Part I” (44 minutes)
    • Mossad carries out a covert assassination plan with multiple targets.
  • Episode 6: “Operation Wrath of God Part II” (45 minutes)
    • Mossad continues its campaign of assassinations of Palestinian leaders.
  • Episode 7: “Taliban Spies” (43 minutes)
    • How the US military operates in Afghanistan.
  • Episode 8: “Project Azorian” (35 minutes)
    • During the Cold War, the US tries recovering a sunken Soviet submarine.

How long is Spy Ops on Netflix?

If you were to sit down and watch all eight episodes back to back, it would take you about 355 minutes, which comes out to approximately 5 hours and 55 minutes. That’s a pretty long binge-watching session, but certainly doable if the show grabs you!

Check out the official trailer of the documentary series below and add the series to your Netflix watchlist right here.

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