Is Sitting in Bars with Cake starring Yara Shahidi on Netflix? (where to watch)


Sitting in Bars with Cake tells the story of two lifelong best friends who have the time of their lives bringing cake to their local bars to share with strangers and build community. Despite their wholesome nighttime activities, however, their lives are less than happy in the daytime, as they are dealing with other things that definitely affect them greatly.

Read more of the official synopsis below:

"Sitting in Bars with Cake follows two best friends in their 20s navigating life in L.A. Extrovert Corinne convinces Jane, a shy, talented baker, to commit to a year of bringing cakes to bars, to help her meet people and build confidence. But when Corinne receives a life-altering diagnosis, the pair faces a challenge unlike anything they’ve experienced before."

Intrigued? Then you’re absolutely going to want to watch every second. But where can you do that? Don’t worry! We got you covered!

Here’s everything to know about where you can stream this 2023 release.

Is Sitting in Bars with Cake streaming on Netflix?

Yara Shahidi’s 2023 title is not streaming on Netflix.

The film will remain on its original streaming service for the time being, so that fans aren’t confused about where to go. However, since Netflix is starting to acquire titles from other sites (HBO’s Insecure, Starz’s Outlander, and Showtime’s Shameless), we wouldn’t put it pass the to acquire the 2023 film in the future.

As you wait for the 2023 title, feel free to check out other titles on sites, such as Notes for My SonFatherhood, and To the Bone.

Where to stream Sitting in Bars with Cake

The only place where viewers can watch Sitting in Bars with Cake is Amazon Prime Video since this is an original on the site.

Check out Prime Video’s official trailer for the 2023 film below.

Maybe the film will head over to another streaming site in the near or distant future. But as of now, your best bet is to head over to get a subscription to Amazon Prime Video and catch every second of Sitting in Bars with Cake. See you there!

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