Is The Changeling on Netflix?

Victor LaValle’s novel, The Changeling, is getting another adaptation. This time, it’s in a TV show format, but where will you be able to stream it?

The Changeling by Victor LaValle is one of those novels that sits with you for some time after you’ve read it. It’s also one that you can reread years later and experience something slightly different to the last time. Of course, the idea of it being adapted is great, and you’ll want to check it out right away.

The series stars LaKeith Stanfield as Apollo, a man who throws himself into being a loving husband and father. He wants to be everything that his father wasn’t, and he makes good on his promises. However, he ends up in a mysterious New York City that he doesn’t understand after his wife Emma starts to act strange and then just suddenly disappears. He needs to get to the bottom of it.

Where to stream The Changeling online

There is some bad news as we get into this post. The Changeling is not coming to Netflix.

This is an Apple TV+ original series. That’s the subscription platform that you need to get when it comes to watching this series. The episodes will be released weekly starting from Friday, Sept. 8, just like the many other Apple TV+ shows.

Does that mean we won’t get the series on Digital, either? Probably. It’s very rare for an Apple TV+ series to be released in any other format. Just look at how Servant and See have remained on the platform exclusively. It doesn’t make sense for subscription platforms to release content on Digital as that takes people away from the platform. After all, wouldn’t you pay once for the content to watch over and over again instead of a monthly subscription?

The Changeling is available to stream on AppleTV+.