Too Hot to Handle season 6 confirms July release date, reveals Bad Lana twist

Everything we know about Too Hot to Handle season 6.
Too Hot to Handle season 5 - Cr: Netflix
Too Hot to Handle season 5 - Cr: Netflix /

Netflix has no shortage of wild reality television, especially when it comes to dating shows. Too Hot to Handle might be one of the most chaotic of the bunch, as each season features a group of horny singles trying to abstain to win a significant cash prize. Too Hot to Handle season 5 wrapped in July 2023, and Netflix just revealed that Too Hot to Handle season 6 is coming this summer — with a big twist!

On May 30, Netflix revealed that the new season of Too Hot to Handle will premiere in July 2024. Hosted by the talking robot-cone Lana (and narrated by comedian Desiree Burch), Too Hot to Handle sends several sexy young people to a tropical location under the guise of a serious dating show, when in reality, they have to keep their hands to themselves for several weeks or risk losing money from the cash pool.

Commitment-phobes often struggle to make it to the end without breaking Lana’s rules, but sometimes, individual castmates learn new skills and form meaningful relationships. In addition to five seasons of the flagship series, Netflix has produced several international versions of Too Hot to Handle in Brazil, Germany, and Mexico.

Now that Netflix has officially confirmed Too Hot to Handle season 6 is coming this summer, here’s everything we know about the new season so far!

Lana twists in season 6

The biggest surprise about the reality show’s upcoming season is that Lana is going public for the first time!

In August 2023, Netflix revealed that casting was officially underway for season 6. Instead of fooling contestants into thinking they’re on a different reality show, this time, people will know ahead of time that they’re signing up for Too Hot to Handle. How will that change the show’s dynamic?

"I have updated my software and I now have new and improved techniques to help serial daters learn how to form meaningful relationships,” says Lana. “Do you want to apply to join me on my beautiful retreat as I put you and your connections to the test to win $200,000? Warning: I have eyes everywhere. Goodbye."

As if that twist on Lana wasn't enough, Netflix also revealed in a press release in May 2024 that the season would also introduce "Bad Lana," who has been promised to drum up some drama in season 6. Also promised for the new round of episodes? A new prize as well as some "familiar faces." Oh, the drama will be good!

"For the first time ever, this year's naughty nymphos think they know what they signed up for, but retreat warden LANA has some tricks up her sleeve with a new prize, new twists and some old, familiar faces. That's not all... S6 introduces brand new sidekick 'BAD LANA,' who is guaranteed to stir up some trouble."

Too Hot to Handle season 5 is currently streaming on Netflix. Get an update on how the couples are doing now!