Too Hot to Handle season 5 couples: Where are they now? Are they still together?

Too Hot to Handle season 5 - Cr: Netflix.
Too Hot to Handle season 5 - Cr: Netflix. /

With a new season of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On arriving on Netflix and Love is Blind season 5 coming soon to the streamer, fans of Netflix’s dating shows have been getting plenty of content recently. Love is Blind season 4 and Too Hot to Handle season 5 both debuted earlier this year, along with a new series, Down for Love.

Given how much content there is to keep tabs on, now seems like a good time to check in with the couples from Too Hot to Handle season 5. You might have forgotten about them while watching some of the other options available, and now you’re curious to circle back and see how the cast is doing. We’ve got you covered.

The show’s fifth season ended with just two couples, and one of them wasn’t even “official.” Louis told Christine he wasn’t ready to be her boyfriend at the end of the season, though they appeared to be working on their relationship. Only Alex and Elys walked out as a couple.

Keep reading to find out if anyone from Too Hot to Handle season 5 is still together and what the couples are up to now!

Are Louis and Christine from Too Hot to Handle still together?

On August 15, Christine shared a post on her Instagram updating Too Hot to Handle fans on her and Louis’ relationship status. The two dated for 1 1/2 years before breaking up but appear to be on good terms.

You can go to the link to read her entire post, but in short, Christine said she was glad for the time they shared, and even though “that chapter is over and done,” she wishes him nothing but the best. Louis echoed her sentiments in the comments section, saying he wishes her the same.

Are Louis and Hannah from Too Hot to Handle dating?

Here’s an interesting development. Even though Christine and Louis are no longer together, it seems like Louis and Hannah might be, or at the very least, friends. We know that Louis and Hannah initially had chemistry at the beginning of season 5 before Louis moved on with Christine, but Louis shared a cute TikTok video of Hannah teaching him to play piano at the start of August.

Some of his TikTok videos have also hinted that he is dating someone right now; he just hasn’t shared who yet. Plus, Christine shared a post of her and Hannah together recently. It seems like all three of them are on great terms, which is nice, so while Hannah and Louis are not confirmed, it appears like they would have Christine’s blessing if something did happen between them.

That being said, Louis has posted photos and videos of him hanging out with several other castmates, including Elys and Isaac, so the video with Hannah may not mean anything romantic is happening between them.

Are Alex and Elys from Too Hot to Handle still together?

We have bad news for those rooting for Alex and Elys to work out in the long run. Elys told Elite Daily that while she and Alex did stay together for about six months after filming, their busy schedules and travel plans got in the way of their relationship.

"It was a very fun six months — very fiery and passionate. But with me traveling so much and us doing long-distance, it just didn’t work. We’re still on great terms, which is really nice."

On the same day that Christine shared her update, Elys officially revealed to fans that she and Alex parted ways. You can read everything she has to say in her Instagram post.

Drama heats up between Alex and Elys from Too Hot to Handle

Well, even though Elys said she and Alex had parted ways on good terms a few days ago, things seem to have changed. Alex has a new girlfriend, so he was displeased when Elys followed up her previous post with another one showing more photos of them together during their relationship.

In a now-deleted comment (that Alex later reposted in his Instagram story), he accused Elys of being disrespectful by sharing the second post, claiming she was only doing it for more engagement.

Here’s what he wrote:

"With due respect, this is really unfair on both myself and my girlfriend. Can you please remove this? Just for some engagement seems totally out of order?"

Elys has, so far, kept the post up, but she shot back with her own shady Instagram story saying, “Guess it wasn’t good vibes all round [sic]” Yikes.

At least Elys has (SPOILER!) that $50,000 prize to make her feel better!

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