29 good Netflix shows you missed in 2023 (so far)

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The Ultimatum: Queer Love - Good Netflix shows
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11. The Ultimatum: Queer Love

The Ultimatum: Queer Love premiered on Netflix in May 2023 and just finished in June. It’s one of the best reality shows of the year so far. It’s also the second season, basically, of The Ultimatum, which was called The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. 

The season is the first to feature all-queer couples. The premise is this: five couples meet and mingle at a resort. One person in each couple has given their partner an ultimatum to get married to break up. The couples then split up for a few weeks and live with another person. In the end, they decide whether or not they will get engaged or if this is truly the end.

If you like Love is Blind, Perfect Match, and some of the other Netflix reality shows, you’re going to like The Ultimatum: Queer Love! 

We still haven’t heard what’s next for The Ultimatum. I think there’s probably going to be a third season, but Netflix has not announced

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Cast: Xander Boger, Vanessa Papa, Lexi Goldberg, Raelyn Cheung-Sutton, Yoly Rojas, Mal Wright, Mildred Bustillo, Tiff Der, Sam Mark, and Aussie Chau