1899 season 2 and 5 Netflix series seasons that should have happened

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Blockbuster season 2

Surely, not many people would agree, but Blockbuster season 2 should have happened. The comedy series, which premiered in November 2022 and only lasted for a single 10-episode season, wasn’t ever given the proper time to bloom into a fan-favorite workplace comedy. Instead, it was forced to hit the ground running without the build-up so many comedies typically receive (or at least used to receive) on broadcast television.

Blockbuster starred two long-running network sitcom veterans in Fresh Off the Boat’s Randall Park and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Melissa Fumero. The series came from writers who worked on such comedies as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superstore, and Happy Endings. It had all the makings of success, but Netflix really didn’t set the series up for success.

Taking place in the last remaining Blockbuster Video store in the United States, the sitcom centers on a quirky group of employees attempting to keep the store running smoothly against great odds. Beyond that premise, the series also featured a central will-they-or-won’t-they romance between Park and Fumero’s characters. It’s a classic sitcom trope that never gets old, and Blockbuster could have done it even better with more time.

Some critics and viewers who watched all 10 episodes will lead you to believe that the show is “bad,” whatever that means. But Blockbuster had so much potential. It’s a show that would have been better served on a traditional network with a larger episode count. Being on Netflix and having only 10 episodes to prove itself for a second season was simply unfair. It was charming, funny, touching, and only getting started.