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Netflix shows - Pretty Smart season 2
Pretty Smart. (L to R) Gregg Sulkin as Grant, Emily Osment as Chelsea in episode 101 of Pretty Smart. Cr. Patrick McElhenney/Netflix © 2021 /

Pretty Smart season 2

If you have forgotten about Pretty Smart, allow us to remind you. The sitcom premiered on Netflix back in October 2021 and was underrated on arrival. In spite of being a new sitcom starring Hannah Montana and Young & Hungry standout Emily Osment, Netflix didn’t really put much promotion into its release, and it’s a shame because the streamer needs another big comedy hit.

In the series, Osment plays Chelsea, the Harvard-grad and aspiring writer older sister of Claire (Olivia Macklin), a waitress who’s Chelsea’s complete opposite. When Chelsea needs a place to stay, she moves in with Claire and her trio of equally happy-go-lucky and lower brow roommates, and though she resists a first, she soon finds a new found family.

Pretty Smart wasn’t met with overwhelming critical praise and wasn’t a massive viewership success, but the series had something special. As a multi-cam sitcom, it was a throwback to old school comedies, just like the two Osment had starred in prior. For only producing 10 episodes, the cast had amazing chemistry and elevated the writing to hilarious heights.

Beyond that fact that Pretty Smart had so much room to grow and could have easily lasted for six seasons, the first and only season ended on a rather massive cliffhanger. Chelsea started to have feelings for Clarie’s ex Grant (Gregg Sulkin), just as Claire and Grant were starting to rekindle the flame. What will they do?! Well, now we will never know what happens next.