7 best Korean dramas still to come to Netflix in 2023

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Korean dramas
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King the Land release date

08/15/23 Update: King the Land ended its run on Aug. 6, 2023.

Mark your calendar because King the Land is set to premiere on Netflix on Saturday, June 17, 2023, with new episodes dropping every Saturday and Sunday.

King the Land is a romantic comedy created by Cheon Sung-il. In addition, Im Hyun-wook signed on as director with Choi Rom writing the scripts. Npio Entertainment and SLL are the production companies behind the Korean series.

It tells the story of Goo Won, the charismatic heir to a luxury hotel conglomerate called The King Group. While it may seem that Goo Won has everything he could possibly ever want, what he doesn’t have is memories of his mother. To recover his memories, he returns to King Hotel. There, he finds himself involved in an inheritance war while also dealing with a hardworking employee named Cheon Sa-rang, who always has a smile on her face.

If you’re a fan of K-POP, you’ll most likely recognize the leading stars. Lee Jun-ho, from the popular South Korean boy group 2PM, stars as Goo Won. Additionally, Girls’ Generation’s Im Yoon-ah plays the role of Cheon Sa-rang. Go Won-hee, Kim Ga-eun, Ahn Se-ha, Kim Jae-won, and many others are also in the cast.

Korean dramas
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See You in My 19th Life release date

08/15/23 Update: See You in My 19th Life ended its run on July 23, 2023.

Another Korean drama to be on the lookout for in June is See You in My 19th Life. Like King the Land, it will premiere on June 17 with new episodes landing on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name by Lee Hey, See You in My 19th Life follows a young woman named Ban Ji-eum, who has a supernatural ability to remember her past lives. But after losing a loved one to a tragic accident in her eighteenth life, she sets out to reconnect with him in her nineteenth life.

Shin Hye-sun, whose best known for her role as Seo Ji-an in the Korean drama My Golden Life, plays the protagonist Ban Ji-eum. Ahn Bo-hyun portrays the role of Moon Seo-ha, Ban Ji-eum’s lost love. You might recognize Ahn Bo-hyun from his previous role as Jeon Pil-do in the Netflix K-Drama My Name.

If you would like to read the original webcomic the show is based on, it’s available exclusively on WEBTOON. In fact, the first seven episodes are available to read for free on the website.