Hellbound season 2 release updates, cast, and everything we know so far

Jung Jinsu in Hellbound - Courtesy of Netflix
Jung Jinsu in Hellbound - Courtesy of Netflix /

Hellbound is one of the most popular South Korean Netflix original series, and if you’re into dark fantasy shows, we definitely recommend it. It premiered on Netflix in Nov. 2021, and fans can’t wait to find out more information about Hellbound season 2. And now, as of Aug. 2023, we have some good news about the upcoming installment to share with fans of the series.

We’ll be updating this report as we learn more information about Hellbound season 2. The latest update was on Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2023.

Hellbound season 2 is definitely happening

Netflix renewed Hellbound for season 2 in the fall of 2022. They announced the Netflix original’s renewal at Tudum 2022, Netflix’s annual celebration of its original programming, and shared a teaser for the new season:

Hellbound season 2 has begun production

As of Aug. 2023, we know that the next installment of the thriller show has finally begun production! The Netflix Geeked account on Twitter (X) shared a quick video to announce the exciting news, showing the cast and crew members sitting around a table read getting ready to start. This is, of course, a great announcement for fans of the series because it confirms filming is underway.

Watch the video below, which also includes footage of the cast and crew filming for Hellbound season 2:

There were reports that production on the new season would begin in the summer of 2023, according to NME, and it looks like those were correct!

Has Netflix announced the Hellbound season 2 release date yet?

At this time, the Hellbound season 2 release date has not been announced. With production just beginning as of Aug. 2023, we don’t think there’s any shot the new season will be ready in time to be released in 2023. But, we can most likely look forward to it in 2024.

Typically, new seasons of Netflix shows are released about a year after they start production. We’ve seen some exceptions, but that’s pretty much how it goes. Hellbound is an effects-heavy show, so it’s possible that it could take a little longer. All of that said, we’re predicting a summer or fall 2024 release date. Of course, we’re not associated with Netflix, so please take this prediction with a grain of salt.

Release Prediction: Summer or fall 2024 

Hellbound season 2 cast

The Hellbound season 2 cast will likely feature a lot of turnover from the first season. Netflix confirmed the cast for the upcoming new episodes:

  • Kim Hyun-joo
  • Kim Shin-rok
  • Lee Dong-hee
  • Yang Ik-joon
  • Lee Re
  • Yang Dong-geun
  • Lim Seong-jae
  • Moon Geun-young
  • Cho Dong-in

Yoo Ah-in was going to reprise his role of Jeong Jin-soo in Hellbound season 2, but he was dropped from the series after an investigation into his alleged drug use. Kim Sung-cheol will be taking over the role of Jeong Jin-soo in season 2.

There will likely be more cast members for Hellbound season 2 announced as we get closer to the release date, and we’ll be sure to add the new additions to this post.

Is Hellbound season 3 happening?

As of Aug. 2023, we haven’t heard any rumors or seen any reports of Hellbound season 3 on Netflix. The series is based on the webtoon of the same name by Yeon Sang-ho, so it’s possible that we could see more webtoons set in this world.

It’s definitely possible that we could also see a third season of Hellbound, but Netflix usually doesn’t eye multi-season renewals unless the show is a huge hit. Hellbound is popular, but it’s hard to say just how popular the show will be after season 2. We’ll just have to wait and see if Netflix chooses to renew the series and if there’s more to the story.

We’ll share more information about Hellbound season 2 and the future of the series when we find out! Stay tuned for more information about the new season.

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