Zombieverse synopsis: What is the reality series about?

Zombieverse Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Zombieverse Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Get ready to experience the most thrilling and heart-pounding reality series yet, as Zombieverse shatters the boundaries of entertainment and survival. On August 8, 2023, Netflix will premiere an unscripted show that will redefine the reality genre! Join a group of unsuspecting contestants as they embark on what they believe to be a typical dating competition in the vibrant city of Seoul. Little do they know, their quest for love will swiftly transform into a battle for survival in the face of an unfathomable nightmare.

Step into a world where the line between reality and horror blurs, and the unexpected awaits at every turn! As the contestants find themselves in the heart of a harrowing zombie apocalypse, their journey becomes a gripping tale of courage, unity, and sheer determination. United by the common goal of escape, they must navigate a city teeming with the walking dead, seeking safety and salvation while evading an inevitable fate.

Led by a dynamic cast that includes Lee Si-young, Ro Hong-chul, and more, this thrilling unscripted spectacle promises to deliver an unprecedented combination of horror, suspense, and humor!

Join us as we delve into the world of Zombieverse as we provide you the official synopsis, and much more about the new reality series below.

Zombieverse synopsis

Netflix’s upcoming series, Zombieverse, promises an electrifying rollercoaster ride through a zombie-infested Seoul. The official synopsis from Netflix’s Media Center sets the stage: “Seoul has turned into a zombie universe, and a group of contestants must complete challenging quests for survival.”

But there’s much more to the thrilling reality show than meets the eye! According to an accompanying article by Netflix, Zombieverse skillfully blends genuine suspense with moments of “laughter, creating a one-of-a-kind viewing experience”. As the contestants face the perils of the undead, the show’s unique charm shines through!

Zombieverse trailer

In anticipation of its highly-awaited release, Netflix has treated audiences to a sneak peek of the reality series, leaving hearts pounding with excitement! The main trailer delves into a world where laughter swiftly gives way to sheer panic as a relentless zombie invasion engulfs the screen. If you haven’t experienced the thrill yet, brace yourself and be sure to catch the exhilarating trailer below!

Zombieverse cast

Meet the unsuspecting cast mates who have stepped into the heart-pounding adventure:

  • Lee Si-young
  • Ro Hong-chul
  • Park Na-rae
  • DinDin
  • Tsuki
  • Yoo Hee-kwan
  • Yiombi Jonathan
  • Yiombi Patricia
  • Kkwachu Hyung (Hong Seong-woo)
  • Dex

With each individual bringing their unique flair to the screen, Zombieverse guarantees a thrilling and unforgettable journey into the heart of the undead apocalypse!

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