Who wins Too Hot to Handle season 5? (and how much money do they win?)

Too Hot to Handle season 5 - Cr: Netflix.
Too Hot to Handle season 5 - Cr: Netflix. /

After a lackluster season, Too Hot to Handle season 5 has ended with its final three episodes. Which couples make it to the end? Do Alex and Louis accept Lana’s surprising deal? Who wins the prize pot? And speaking of the prize pot, how much is left in that thing by the end? We’re answering all of those questions and more below!

Spoilers ahead for the Too Hot to Handle season 5 finale

The fourth season of Netflix’s steamy dating competition series Too Hot to Handle premiered in December, so fans didn’t have to wait too long for season 5, which premiered on July 14 with its first four episodes, followed by three more on July 21. Then on July 28, Netflix released the final three episodes of the season!

Throughout the ten episodes of Too Hot to Handle season 5, we’ve seen some couples come and go (like Hannah and Isaac), but the prominent couples forged this season were Alex/Elys and Louis/Christine.

Who makes it to the very end? If you don’t want to get spoiled on the winner, turn back now!

Do Alex and Louis accept Lana’s deal?

Lana gives Louis and Alex one final test in the season’s penultimate episode. They both receive a shocking offer: Take $25,000 and leave the show early, or stay and see how their relationships with Christine and Elys pan out. Neither guy takes the money and walks away, choosing to stand by their woman instead. Cute.

Too Hot to Handle season 5 winner and prize money

Lana chooses Elys and Detective Dre as finalists because of their substantial emotional growth across the season. Everyone gets to vote on the winner, and ultimately Elys wins the prize pool of $100,000. However, in a sweet gesture, Elys offers to split the money with Dre, granting them both $50k! Dre happily accepts.

Which Too Hot to Handle season 5 couples are together in the end?

There are only two real couples at the end of the season: Elys/Alex and Louis/Christine. It remains to be seen if they are still together now that the show is over.

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