Who is Stu on Sweet Magnolias? (Stu Sweet Magnolias character explained)

Sweet Magnolias. Justin Bruening as Cal Maddox in episode 202 of Sweet Magnolias. Cr. Richard Ducree/Netflix © 2021
Sweet Magnolias. Justin Bruening as Cal Maddox in episode 202 of Sweet Magnolias. Cr. Richard Ducree/Netflix © 2021 /

A new season of Sweet Magnolias is officially streaming on Netlfix and fans are already flocking back to Serenity to catch up with the Magnolias and all their favorite residents.

While it’s been over a year’s time since season 2 arrived, only a few hours have passed in Serenity when we make our way back to the show at the top of the season which picks up on the same night as the season 2 finale. The episode begins with the immediate fallout of Cal’s arrest and can make it a bit difficult to remember all of the factors that played into it including the connection a man named Stu shared in the events.

It’s understandable as Stu is a character that never appears in season 3 but comes up often. So who exactly is Stu and what is his connection to the show and to Serenity?

Who is Stu in Sweet Magnolias?

Stu is a character introduced in the second season of Sweet Magnolias played by actor David A MacDonald. We first meet the character in season 2 episode 8, “The Rules of the Game,” when he bumps into Cal and Maddie at a black-tie charity fundraiser.

During the event, Stu approaches Cal and asks if he would mind signing a baseball card for him and begins to tell Cal about how the last game he went to with his late father was a game in which Cal made an amazing play that saved the game for the team. He compliments Cal on his talents and thanks him for giving him that memory with his dad, which Cal sympathizes with having lost his dad recently too.

The moment seemed like a one-off used to show the impact Cal had on fans during his baseball career, but it seems to Stu it was more than just a brief encounter and he latches on to Cal a bit too tightly.

In the season 2 finale, Stu shows up at Sullivan’s ready to go to war for Cal after hearing about what the school has done and it becomes clear to everyone that Stu isn’t in his right mind. Cal attempt to calm Stu down and defuse the situation, but as things escalate Dana Sue calls the Sherriff and Stu begins to lunge towards her.

Things further escalate when Stu attempts to lay hands on Maddie which sends Cal over the edge with Cal punching Stu to the ground just as the cops arrive to see the scene unfolding. This is, of course, what leads to Cal’s arrest at the end of the season.

Due to his connection to Cal and his arrest, Stu’s name comes up often in the season 3 premiere as Cal deals with the repercussion of his actions. However, we do not see the character in the season and only hear his name mentioned — making it easy to forget what his connection to the story is.

Sweet Magnolias is streaming now on Netflix!

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