Best Netflix shows released in 2023 (so far)

The Witcher season 3. CR: Netflix.
The Witcher season 3. CR: Netflix. /
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The Diplomat - Keri Russell - Netflix shows
The Diplomat. Keri Russell as Kate Wyler in episode 103 of The Diplomat. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

The Diplomat

The Diplomat is an intelligent, well-written, and fast-paced new political thriller perfect for fans of The Americans and Aaron Sorkin-style walk-and-talks. It’s a worthy successor to the acclaimed FX series starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. Russell is exceptional in the new show starring her as Kate Wyler, US Ambassador to the UK amid a complicated international incident.

She’s joined by a great cast, including Rufus Sewell, who plays her estranged husband, Hal Wyler. Sewell and Russell work together seamlessly, and their chemistry crackles off the screen. The entire cast delivers excellent performances across the board, and the script is one of the best we’ve seen on Netflix in years.

If you loved shows like The West Wing, House of Cards, and Homeland, then The Diplomat should be right up your alley. It’s a testament to the cast and the writers that they were able to make such a spellbinding series when it revolves almost entirely around dialogue. Pages of talking and little action, yet I was not bored while watching Russell’s character navigate diplomatic solutions and soothe fragile egos.

The Diplomat makes its audience feel thoughtful and engaged. If you’ve been debating whether to watch it, I recommend you give it a chance.