Too Hot to Handle season 5 Alex Snell age, height, Instagram, job, and more

Too Hot to Handle season 5. Cr: Netflix.
Too Hot to Handle season 5. Cr: Netflix. /

Alex Snell considers himself the quintessential British Prince Charming of Too Hot to Handle season 5. He considers himself a classic gentleman and takes fantastic care of his body and hair to attract the ladies.

He’s a unique castmate on the show in that he was actually approached by Netflix through his Instagram, where he already has a decent-sized following. While chatting with DevonLive, Alex revealed that he had been recruited for the fourth season, but things didn’t pan out, so the streamer brought him back for season 5.

Obviously, he couldn’t reveal whether he found his match during the interview, but he did share that he’s returned home since he wrapped filming and has been keeping busy with his work. If you’ve watched the first batch of episodes, then you know that a love triangle quickly formed between Alex, Hunter, and Elys. You’ll have to keep watching to see what happens between them.

Here’s everything we know so far about Alex from Too Hot to Handle season 5.

How old is Alex Snell from Too Hot to Handle season 5?

Alex is 28. He was born and raised in Exeter but has been living in London, England, working on his fitness business.

Alex Snell’s height

His height is not verified, but he appears to be around 6’0.

Alex Snell’s Instagram

On Alex’s Instagram page, he calls himself a “modern-day Greek God,” which is quite a lofty appraisal of himself. Fans can follow him @alexsnelll, where he already has over 18k followers. A significant amount of his following seems to come from his fitness work. Most of his Instagram page is comprised of photos of him working out or showing off his chiseled body.

Alex Snell’s job

Alex is dedicated to his work and growing his fitness business. During his interview with DevonLive, he admitted he didn’t just go on the show for love but to gain exposure for his company.

Keep up with Alex’s journey on Too Hot to Handle season 5.

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