Too Hot to Handle season 5 Hunter LoNigro age, Instagram, job, and more

Too Hot to Handle season 5. Cr: Netflix.
Too Hot to Handle season 5. Cr: Netflix. /

Did anyone ask for a surfer boy? Hunter LoNigro has entered the building, and he’s happy to make that dream a reality. From his quirky fish flops to his killer surfer bod, Hunter is sure to be a heartbreaker on Too Hot to Handle season 5.

But any brunette contestants might have a challenge on their hands as Hunter claims he usually falls for blondes who are basically the female version of him. Hunter is one of the more adventurous and spontaneous castmates this season, claiming he loves everything from skydiving to skinny-dipping. Once Lana enters the picture, he might have to put his dreams of naked swims on hold.

Like everyone else, Hunter believes he’s on Love Overboard and has no clue his sexy cruise ship vacay is about to turn into a hands-off nightmare. If you’re interested in learning more about Hunter LoNigro, keep reading!

How old is Hunter LoNigro on Too Hot to Handle season 5?

This free-spirited surfer is 24, and he’s from Arizona.

Hunter LoNigro’s Instagram

Hunter stays very busy on Instagram and actually appears to have two accounts. His main is @itts_hunter, and his backup page is @hunting_for_lonigro. Between the two accounts, Hunter has over 60k followers already! He also has a popular Youtube channel boasting more than 223k subscribers. He’s often treating his fans to photos and videos of himself embarking on his latest daring escapades.

Hunter LoNigro’s job

Based on his social media presence, it looks like Hunter is a successful influencer. He’s always traveling to places like Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, and more to film content for his socials and to experience incredible new adventures. His Instagram makes it seem like he’s living a true jet-set lifestyle.

Don’t miss out on seeing Hunter in action in Too Hot to Handle season 5. New episodes are released Fridays on Netflix.

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