Too Hot to Handle season 5 Hannah Brooke age, Instagram, job, and more

Too Hot to Handle season 5. Cr: Netflix.
Too Hot to Handle season 5. Cr: Netflix. /

Hannah Brooke is already pretty popular, and there is a chance you might have seen her on Instagram or listened to her music! A true California girl, Hannah adores wearing itty-bitty bikinis all the time and proudly proclaims she enjoys being half-naked more often than not. She’s sure to cause all sorts of mischief in Too Hot to Handle season 5.

Like everyone else in the main cast, Hannah starts her Too Hot journey believing she’s competing on a show called Love Overboard. She arrives at the same time as Courtney and quickly finds herself attracted to Louis. But anyone who has watched this show knows that the first hook-ups don’t always last. There are plenty of twists, turns, and drama coming this season.

Hannah also says she likes to keep a revolving roster of boyfriends. Will Lana help her narrow her focus to just one man? Keep reading to learn more about Hannah, including her social media platforms, job, age, and more!

How old is Hannah from Too Hot to Handle season 5?

Hannah is 24 years old and a beautiful Los Angeles babe. She proudly labels herself a Cali girl. Hannah’s exact birthdate is unknown, but seeing as she’s 24, she must have been born in 1999 or 2000.

Hannah Brooke’s Instagram

Hannah already has an established fanbase on social media. She has more than 302k followers on Instagram, one of the highest follower counts in the season 5 cast. Fans can follow her @hannahbrooke. Her current pinned video is of her showcasing her beautiful singing voice. Stay tuned for more updates from the show. She also has a YouTube account.

Hannah Brooke’s job

One job isn’t enough for Hannah, who keeps herself busy with multiple jobs, including singing, modeling, and acting.

New episodes of Too Hot to Handle season 5 will be released Fridays on Netflix.

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