Too Hot to Handle season 5 Courtney Randolph age, height, Instagram, job, and more

Too Hot to Handle season 5. Cr: Netflix.
Too Hot to Handle season 5. Cr: Netflix. /

Courtney Randolph is one of the most ambitious castmates on Too Hot to Handle season 5. Beautiful, intelligent, and driven, Courtney knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. She’s an early arrival on the yacht that starts her reality television journey, joining the group alongside Louis and Hannah. It doesn’t take long for one of the hot guys swarming her to catch her eye.

But any guy that wants to keep up with this self-proclaimed “boss bitch” will have their work cut out for them. Courtney says she hasn’t met a guy who can keep up with her yet, and it’ll be interesting to see if any of these Too Hot to Handle season 5 guys are up to the challenge.

There is plenty in store for viewers on this season of the popular steamy Netflix series, so get to know Courtney below by finding out more about her background!

How old is Courtney from Too Hot to Handle season 5?

Courtney is a 25-year-old beauty hailing from Houston, Texas.

Courtney Randolph’s Instagram

Courtney is one of the most popular Too Hot to Handle season 5 contestants, already having more than 100k followers on Instagram. Fans can follow her @courtneykrandolph. Given her goals of building an empire, it seems like Courtney is already well on her way to making her dreams come true. You’ll find tons of photos of Courtney’s modeling shoots on her page, plus links to her other business ventures. One of her most recent posts is a gorgeous slideshow of her modeling in a yellow bikini.

Courtney Randolph’s job

Courtney keeps herself busy with multiple careers. Not only is she a professional model, content creator, and newly-turned reality star, but she’s also an accomplished real estate agent.

Don’t miss out on seeing Courtney in action! Watch Too Hot to Handle season 5 on Netflix now. New episodes come out on Fridays.

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