Is Jack Ryan on Netflix? (where to watch the series)

John Krasinski (Jack Ryan)
John Krasinski (Jack Ryan) /

Most people might know John Krasinski best as Jim Halpert from the fan-favorite, wildly popular workplace comedy series The Office. After the NBC hit ended, Krasinski moved to the big screen with his directorial smash A Quiet Place and back to the small screen in the action series Jack Ryan.

From comedy to horror to action, John Krasinski can do it all, and he’s certainly put his all into his role in the political action thriller Jack Ryan. Based on characters from books written by Tom Clancy, the series first started streaming in August 2018, and its fourth season premiered in June 2023.

If you’re wondering if the series is available to watch on Netflix or whether there will be a fifth season, we’re sharing everything viewers need to know before binge-watching the series!

Is Jack Ryan on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Jack Ryan isn’t streaming on Netflix because it’s an exclusive original series for another streaming service. It’s unlikely that the series will ever be available to watch on Netflix because of this, but with HBO shows coming to Netflix, never say never.

If you’re looking for similar shows to watch on Netflix, make sure to add the following titles to your watch list: The Night Agent, The Recruit, The Diplomat, The Lincoln Lawyer, and Treason. There are also plenty of action movies on Netflix that will hit the same notes.

Where to watch Jack Ryan

All four seasons of Jack Ryan are available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. In order to watch the series, you will need to have an Amazon Prime subscription.

Will there be a Jack Ryan season 5 or spinoff?

No, Jack Ryan season 5 isn’t happening on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service announced in May 2022, well ahead of the season 4 premiere, that season 4 would be the final season of the series. That means that the current 30-episode series is the complete series.

But there’s a silver living for fans of the show. Along with the announcement that season 4 would be the last, Amazon also announced that a spinoff for Michael Peña’s character Ding Chavez is in development. That will be exciting should it come to fruition!

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