Not Quite Narwhal season 2: Will there be more episodes on Netflix?

Not Quite Narwhal. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023
Not Quite Narwhal. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023 /

Based on the beloved New York Times bestseller by Jessie Sima, Not Quite Narwhal is an endearing new children’s show on Netflix. This animated series follows an adorable unicorn named Kelp, who has lived his whole life believing himself to be a narwhal. One day, Kelp discovers he is actually a unicorn, and now he has two exciting worlds to explore!

Kelp makes his way to land, where he meets other unicorns for the first time. His new friends introduce him to things like flying clouds, magic, rainbows, the sky, and more. With 27 episodes, all under 20 minutes, it won’t take long for families to watch all of Not Quite Narwhal with their children.

Is Netflix planning to make another season of the musical animated show? Here’s everything we know about the possibility of Not Quite Narwhal season 2.

Is Not Quite Narwhal season 2 happening on Netflix?

Not Quite Narwhal first arrived on Netflix in June 2023. Netflix has not renewed or canceled the series yet, meaning another season could still happen. It’s hard to predict what Netflix will do regarding children’s shows and animated fare. But kid’s shows generally get more episodes than Netflix’s more expensive-to-produce adult-oriented content.

It’s possible Netflix might feel that the story is complete and decide not to order additional episodes. Undoubtedly, there are many children out there who would love to continue Kelp’s adventures alongside his colorful group of friends. However, author Jessie Sima wrote three books in the Not Quite Narwhal and Friends series, so this universe has more stories to tell!

Another positive sign for the show is that DreamWorks Animation produced it. DreamWorks and Netflix are frequent collaborators, which might indicate a solid motivation to keep the show going for at least one more season.

Not Quite Narwhal is now streaming on Netflix? Would you like to see Not Quite Narwhal season 2 happen?

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