10 Netflix shows in the most danger of being canceled in 2023

Glamorous. Kim Cattrall as Madolyn in episode 106 of Glamorous. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2023
Glamorous. Kim Cattrall as Madolyn in episode 106 of Glamorous. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2023 /
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Unstable - Netflix shows
Unstable. (L to R) Rob Lowe as Ellis, John Owen Lowe as Jackson in episode 104 of Unstable. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix shows in danger of cancellation: Unstable

Unstable, a new comedy series starring Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe, made its debut on Netflix on March 30, 2023. The comedy faced little competition from other new Netflix shows that week, though The Night Agent was still killing it in its second week with over 216 million hours viewed. Well, let’s just say Unstable didn’t come close to that number.

In its first four days of availability, Unstable pulled in just over 11 million hours viewed. Obviously, since the comedy series featured eight episodes that are each less than 30 minutes long, the standards are different. A half-hour comedy just isn’t going to reach the same heights as an hour-long drama series with 10 episodes. The playing field isn’t the same.

But compared to fellow comedy series Beef, which launched on April 6 with over 34 million hours viewed in the same timeframe (though with two additional episodes), Unstable didn’t connect in the same way. In fact, the Lowes’ comedy series fell out of Netflix’s daily top 10 ranking in about a week and didn’t rank in the streamer’s Global Top 10 TV ranking in the United States for its second week, meaning it didn’t gain viewership in its first full week of availability.

As previously mentioned, Netflix holds comedies to a different standard, which means they could always take the risk and order a second season of Unstable, purely based on Lowe’s star power. But when you hold it up next to Beef, the most likely path forward is a renewal for Beef and a cancellation for Unstable. Maybe it will be saved by another network like Neil Patrick Harris’ comedy Uncoupled. We’ll have to wait and see what Netflix decides.

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