The Surrogacy cast: Who’s in the Mexican Netflix series?

Madre de Alquiler Season 1. (L to R) Marcela Guirado, Leticia Calderon, Camila Selser in Madre de Alquiler Season 1. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Madre de Alquiler Season 1. (L to R) Marcela Guirado, Leticia Calderon, Camila Selser in Madre de Alquiler Season 1. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

The Surrogacy is the latest Mexican drama series to come to Netflix, and everyone’s talking about it. If you’ve added this show to your watchlist and plan to watch it soon, we must share who you can expect to see in it.

The Surrogacy, originally titled Madre de alquiler, is a new Netflix original created by Aída Guajardo. It landed on the streaming platform on Wednesday, June 14, and has already made a place on the top 10 TV show list. As of June 16, the drama series is ranked at the No. 2 spot. However, this isn’t really surprising because the show tells a thought-provoking story and has an amazingly talented cast.

It tells the story of a young woman named Yeni, who is coerced into being a surrogate for a powerful, affluent Mexican family in order to save her father’s life. But after she wakes up in a hospital and is given a baby born with a physical disability, Yeni becomes determined to uncover the truth by confronting the family. She soon finds herself entangled in a world of lies and deceit.

So, who portrays the role of Yeni? What about the other characters? We shared the main cast list below.

The Surrogacy cast

Shani Lozano plays the protagonist, Yeni. She’s a newcomer to the entertainment industry, with The Surrogacy being her first project. However, she previously worked in theater and performed in several plays.

Luis Ernesto Franco portrays Carlos, Julia’s husband. Carlos and Julia desperately want to have a baby, so they come up with a plan to get Yeni to agree to be a surrogate. You might’ve watched Franco in the Spanish TV shows Campeones de la vida, Sin Vergüenza, Camelia La Texana, Bajo el mismo cielo, False Identity, Máscara contra Caballero and Señorita 89.

Marcela Guirado plays Julia, Carlos’s wife. She’s known for her previous roles in the Spanish TV shows Soy tu fanVivir a destiempoAsí en el barrio como en el cieloSilvana Sin LanaEl Rey, Vicente Fernández and How to Survive Being Single.

Leticia Calderón plays the role of Nora, Carlos’s mother, who is a powerful pharmaceutical executive. Nora is also in on the illegal surrogacy agreement. You might recognize Calderón from her previous roles on the Spanish TV shows La casa al final de la calleLa antorcha encendidaLabyrinths of PassionIn the Name of LoveEmpire of Lies and El amor invencible.

Here’s the cast list:

  • Shani Lozano as Yeni
  • Luis Ernesto Franco as Carlos
  • Marcela Guirado as Julia
  • Leticia Calderón as Nora
  • Alejandro de la Madrid as Arturo
  • Minnie West as Sonia

Unfortunately, an official trailer with English subtitles was not released, but we decided to share it anyway.

The Surrogacy is now streaming on Netflix.

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