How many episodes of The Surrogacy are there? (and what is it about?)

Madre de Alquiler Season 1. (L to R) Luis Ernesto Franco and Shani Lozano in Madre de Alquiler Season 1. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Madre de Alquiler Season 1. (L to R) Luis Ernesto Franco and Shani Lozano in Madre de Alquiler Season 1. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix has released another show worth checking out, and it’s the drama series The Surrogacy. As of June 16, it’s sitting at the No. 2 spot on the streamer’s top 10 TV show list, so many people are watching it. If you’re looking forward to watching this new show, we shared all there is to know about it down below.

Netflix is consistently dropping great content, especially when it comes to international shows and movies. Recently, we saw the release of the romantic drama Fake Profile, and it was a smash hit with tons of people streaming the first season. Now, there’s a Fake Profile season 2 in the works.

It looks like The Surrogacy could be headed in this direction as well. But of course, it’s still too early to tell, and there are many factors that come into play regarding the renewal process. We’ll just have to wait and see what Netflix decides to do.

But in the meantime, we strongly recommend watching the first season. It’s full of drama and will definitely pull you in from the first episode.

How many episodes of The Surrogacy are there?

There are 24 episodes in the first season of The Surrogacy. This shouldn’t be surprising because many of the foreign shows on Netflix consist of more episodes than a typical Netflix series. Additionally, each episode is in the 30 to 40-minute range.

The Surrogacy episode runtimes

Here are the runtimes for each episode of The Surrogacy season 1:

  • Episode 1: 40 minutes
  • Episode 2: 44 minutes
  • Episode 3: 38 minutes
  • Episode 4: 40 minutes
  • Episode 5: 36 minutes
  • Episode 6: 38 minutes
  • Episode 7: 38 minutes
  • Episode 8: 40 minutes
  • Episode 9: 37 minutes
  • Episode 10: 38 minutes
  • Episode 11: 36 minutes
  • Episode 12: 38 minutes
  • Episode13: 34 minutes
  • Episode 14: 34 minutes
  • Episode 15: 34 minutes
  • Episode 16: 34 minutes
  • Episode 17: 33 minutes
  • Episode 18: 34 minutes
  • Episode 19: 35 minutes
  • Episode 20: 35 minutes
  • Episode 21: 35 minutes
  • Episode 22: 36 minutes
  • Episode 23: 37 minutes
  • Episode 24: 44 minutes

The combined runtimes add up to a total of 888 minutes, meaning the first season is 14 hours and 48 minutes long.

The Surrogacy synopsis: What is The Surrogacy about?

It’s a Mexican Netflix original series created by Aída Guajardo. The cast is made up of Shaní, Leticia Calderón, Luis Ernesto Franco, Minnie West, Alejandro de la Madrid, Marcela Guirado, and many others.

Here’s the official synopsis via Netflix Media Center:

"A woman rents her womb to a powerful family of Mexican business people to save her father’s life. After her delivery, she wakes up in a hospital where she is given a baby who was born with a physical disability. Years later, her life will confront her again with that moment to discover the truth."

It’s rated TV-MA, meaning it’s meant to be watched by mature audiences only. It was given this maturity rating for strong language and violence. Overall, it may not be appropriate for children under the age of 17.

The Surrogacy season 1 is streaming now only on Netflix.

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