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Black Mirror. Annie Murphy as Joan in Black Mirror. Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2023.
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Black Mirror season 6 episode 5 recap: “Demon 79”

The final episode of Black Mirror season 6, “Demon 79,” is also another trip to the past as we get to know a character named Nida living in 1970s England. Nida lives a quiet life; she works at a retail store during the day and watches television at night. She’s an outcast, facing racism from her co-workers and not wanting to go out and be social, understandably.

But as we quickly realize, Nida has fantasies of getting violent with those who wrong her. And those come to life when she accidentally summons a demon who needs her to kill three people in three days in order to stop the apocalypse. No big deal!

Nida spends a lot of her time at work, which is where we find her going at the start of the episode. She works with a rude girl named Vicky, who makes her cut her lunch break short so she can go help a customer. The customer, Keith, is a known murderer, having killed his wife and now living freely. Nida helps him pick out shoes and he gets creepy with her, asking for her phone number. She imagines strangling him before turning him down and sending him on his way.

When Nida leaves work, there’s a conservative politician named Michael Smart giving a speech. It seems like everyone in her town loves him, though she doesn’t. The next day, Nida’s boss asks her to eat in the basement because her lunch, a South Asian dish biryani, apparently smells too strong. While down in the basement, she pokes around and reads old newspaper clippings before opening up a small cabinet on one of the desks. She pricks her finger on it and it starts to bleed, and then she finds a stone object inside with a red symbol on it. Curious, she puts it in her bag.

At home that night, Nida grabs the stone and is shocked when it begins to speak to her. It says it’s a demon named Gaap, and asks her to invite him into the world. She does, without understanding what’s going on, and he appears in her living room. Scared of his demonic appearance, Gaap transforms into a singer Nida watches on TV, noting he looked into her soul and picked an appearance she finds appealing.

Gaap explains to her that because she connected her blood to the stone, which is a talisman, she now has three days to kill three people or else the world will end. That night, he eventually convinces her to kill a man who comes up to her on the street when no one else is around. Gaap has the ability to look into a person’s past and future, and he discovers the man sexually abuses his young daughter. This is convincing enough for Nida, and she attacks him with a brick, killing him.

Soon enough, a missing persons report is filed when the man, named Tim Simons, doesn’t come home. Police officers go to his house and ask his wife questions, and later on, his body is found.

Needing to kill two more people, Gaap helps Nida figure out her weapon of choice and they land on a hammer. Gaap convinces her to go out that night to a bar to find someone, and she agrees, though she doesn’t drink or go out. She nervously chugs scotch as they scan the room. She sees Keith and realizes he could be a perfect target. She knows he’s a criminal, and she knows he likes her. When Keith leaves the bar, she follows him and agrees to go to this house.

As he’s washing up in the bathroom, Nida tries to prepare herself for the kill. But when he comes into the bedroom, she’s just staring at him with her hammer, as if she can’t do it. Keith realizes what’s going on and accepts it, saying he knew something bad would happen to him after he killed his wife. He allows Nida to beat him repeatedly with the hammer, which kills him. But Nida must act fast after that when she hears someone coming into the house.

She walks downstairs and is caught by a man, who wants to know what she’s doing. She tries to attack him with the hammer but he stops her, and they have a struggle before she gets the upper hand and stabs him with his knife. He dies and Gaap tells Nida that he was Keith’s brother.

That’s three deaths in three days, so Nida feels relieved. Unfortunately, however, when they look at the talisman, only two of the deaths are recorded. Gaap makes a phone call and finds out that killing a murderer doesn’t count, so Nida still has one more kill to commit if she wants to save the world.

Nida goes to work and considers killing Vicky, but when Michael Smart comes into the store she realizes that’s who she wants dead. It’s a risky one, however, with all the public attention on him.

The cops find Keith and his brother dead and they start to suspect perhaps they got into a fight. However, once they find a tape in Keith’s bedroom cassette player titled “making love,” they realize this might’ve been someone else. They go to the bar and ask around to see if Keith was with anyone recently, or if anyone was at the bar who was acting weird. The bartender describes Nida, and another one of the workers says she knows where Nida works.

One of the police officers comes to Nida’s home to ask her some questions, and she says that she was drinking the other night because it was her late mom’s birthday. He mentions the murders and she acts like she doesn’t know Keith, even though the cop has the receipt that proves Nida helped him at the store.

Black Mirror season 6 episode 5, “Demon 79,” ending explained

Nida heads to find the politician, and the cop follows. She’s able to get away, at least for a little bit, and tails Michael. In the chase, Michael ends up crashing into a tree. He gets out of the car and Nida tries to kill him before the cop shows up and stops her. She’s taken to the police station and is questioned, where she tries to explain everything. But when she takes out the talisman, she realizes it’s just a domino.

The clock strikes midnight, marking the fourth day with only two people killed, and nothing happens… at first. Sirens then start blaring outside and everyone goes to see what’s going on. Gaap shows back up and invites Nida to leave with him, and as they walk away the world starts to burn. The apocalypse indeed happens, but Nida’s safe with Gaap.

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