Fake Profile star Mauricio Hénao age height, Instagram, relationship status, and more

Perfil Falso S1 Mauricio Henao in Perfil Falso S1. Cr. Renata Bolívar / Netflix © 2023 .
Perfil Falso S1 Mauricio Henao in Perfil Falso S1. Cr. Renata Bolívar / Netflix © 2023 . /

Netflix’s newest Spanish-language drama is just as messy and salacious as we’ve come to expect from the streamer’s romantic series. If you enjoy shows like Sex/Life, then Fake Profile should be next on your list.

One of the actors attracting a lot of attention is the handsome Colombian star Mauricio Hénao, who plays Adrian on the show, a gay character in a relationship with Cristobal and the son of Pedro.

Get to know the actor below and find out what other projects you might have seen him in!

Mauricio Hénao age

Mauricio Hénao is currently 36 years old. He was born in Armenia, Quindío, Colombia, on February 16, 1987, making his star sign Aquarius.

Mauricio Hénao height

The Colombian actor is reportedly 6 feet tall, making him one of the taller actors on Fake Profile, although many of the male leads on this particular show are tall, with actors like Lincoln Palomeque standing at 5’10 and Víctor Mallarino at 6’3.

Mauricio Hénao Instagram

Mauricio is plenty active on Instagram, and he has a significant following with more than 1 million followers, a number that is sure to grow as Fake Profile remains in the Netflix Top 10. If you’re interested in following the actor on Instagram, you’ll find him@mauriciohenao_.

Mauricio Hénao relationship status

According to The RC Online, he is in a relationship with a woman named Daniella Catinchi.

Mauricio Hénao roles

Fake Profile is not Mauricio’s first foray into the world of steamy telenovelas. He also stars in the series High Heat, which is streaming on Netflix right now. Additionally, he is known for playing José Ángel Godoy in the Telemundo series Lady of Steel. He has also appeared in projects like Médicos, Betty en NY, Mi familia perfecta, Señora Acero, La impostora, and more.

You can catch Mauricio Hénao in Fake Profile, now streaming on Netflix.

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