Blood and Gold cast: Who stars in the new German movie?

Marie Hacke as Elsa in Blood & Gold, Courtesy of Netflix 2023
Marie Hacke as Elsa in Blood & Gold, Courtesy of Netflix 2023 /

Blood and Gold is an adrenaline-pumping German action film set during the tumultuous era of World War Two. Directed by the visionary filmmaker Peter Thorwarth, this thrilling movie premiered on Netflix on May 26, 2023. Blending elements of action, comedy, and suspense, Blood & Gold takes audiences on a captivating journey through the final days of the war.

The story follows Heinrich, a courageous German soldier who makes a fateful decision to desert the army in a desperate attempt to reunite with his daughter. However, his daring escape goes awry, and he is left behind, presumed dead for his act of defiance.

Against all odds, Heinrich survives and discovers an unexpected ally in his rescuer. United by a shared sense of purpose, they form an unlikely alliance with a motley crew of individuals, each harboring their own secrets and motivations. Together, they embark on a daring mission to confront a ruthless squad of Nazi soldiers who are ravaging a peaceful village in search of a hidden fortune in gold.

For those curious about the talented actors who bring the characters to life on the screen, we are pleased to present the full cast list below.

Blood and Gold cast: Who stars in the new German movie?

Leading the cast of Blood and Gold is the talented Robert Maaser, who portrays the courageous German soldier Heinrich. Marie Hacke delivers a captivating performance as Elsa, the woman who becomes Heinrich’s savior after he is captured and left for dead by the SS. Supporting this remarkable duo is a stellar ensemble of actors. These actors, via IMDb, include:

  • Jördis Triebel as Sonja
  • Alexander Scheer as Von Starnfeld
  • Roy McCrerey as Sergeant
  • Stephan Grossmann as Bürgermeister Richard
  • Simon Rupp as Paule
  • Simson Bubbel as Schreck
  • Florian Schmidtke as Dörfler
  • Heiko Schaffartzik as Braun
  • Gisela Aderhold as Brigitte
  • Juri Senft as Koehler
  • Nele Kiper as Elisabeth
  • David Burnell IV as American GI
  • Connor Long as Paule (English version)(voice)
  • Petra Zieser as Irmgard
  • Andreas Bichler as Rogge
  • Jared Lorenzo as 2nd GI

Check out the trailer for the exhilarating German movie below!

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