Who does Michaela end up with in Manifest? (spoilers)

MANIFEST SEASON 04. Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

Going into the final episodes of Manifest, fans of the series have a TON of questions that need to be answered. First and foremost, will the Flight 828 passengers survive the Death Date and save the world? But fans are also looking for answers on the various ships.

Throughout the series, Manifesters have shipped Michaela with both Jared and Zeke. Of course, when the series first began, Michaela was mulling over a marriage proposal from Jared. Later on in the first season, Michaela meets Zeke thanks to a Calling, and the pair end up getting married.

However, due to the tragic events in Manifest season 4 part 1, Michaela finds herself in a strange and unforeseen position. So, do the final episodes bring her back to Zeke somehow, or will the Jachaela shippers finally get everything they have ever wanted?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead from the Manifest season 4 finale!

Who does Michaela end up with in Manifest?

In the end of the series finale of Manifest, Michaela ends up with Zeke. After the passengers get back onto Flight 828 for their final judgment and fly into the Glow, they land back on April 7, 2013. They go back where they started but have their memories of the past five years. While Zeke’s alive again in 2013, he doesn’t remember anything, even Michaela.

But she remembers what he told her from the Glow about the various near-miss meetings over the years before a Calling ultimately brought them together in 2018. She rushes out of the airport to find Zeke driving a taxicab. She jumps into his car, and Zeke overhears her telling a man that he’s her husband. Obviously, Zeke’s confused but curious. They drive off together, getting a second chance — a real chance — at a life together.

Even though Michaela ends up with Zeke, that doesn’t mean that Jachaela shippers were left with nothing in Manifest season 4 part 2. Zeke comes to Michaela from the Glow for the first few episodes of part 2, but when he disappears, Michaela grows closer to Jared. They ultimately get back together and live together, taking care of Michaela’s father after his stroke.

Michaela and Jared stay together when news of Drea’s pregnancy rocks their world, but just before the impending Death Date, Michaela breaks up with Jared. She tells him that everything he wants, including a family, is with Drea. Although they said “no strings attached,” Jared and Drea couldn’t deny their connection after finding out about their daughter.

What did you think of Michaela’s story in Manifest season 4 part 2? Did you want her to end up with Jared or Zeke? Share your thoughts in the comments, and make sure to watch the complete series only on Netflix!

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