The Witcher season 5 starring Liam Hemsworth reportedly confirmed

The Witcher season 3 - Netflix
The Witcher season 3 - Netflix /

We’re still several weeks from the release of The Witcher season 3 part 1, but it sounds like Netflix might have already given the creators the go-ahead to move forward with plans for The Witcher season 5! Given The Witcher is one of Netflix’s biggest shows and the streaming service has been trying to create a big franchise comprised of multiple series, animated spinoffs, and more, it’s not too shocking that Netflix would renew it early.

However, it does come as something of a surprise since star Henry Cavill is exiting the series at the end of the coming third season. The Witcher was pre-emptively renewed for season 4, but with Liam Hemsworth set to take over as the titular Witcher, Geralt, it’ll be interesting to see what the feedback is like to his portrayal. If fans hate Hemsworth as Geralt in season 4, will Netflix change its mind on the fifth season?

Based on new intel from Redanian Intelligence and an interview with casting director Sophie Holland, it sounds like the writers will be swiftly starting on season 4 soon and season 5 right after, so there might not be time for Netflix to back out if the ratings tank after Cavill’s exit. Then again, with the ongoing WGA strike, all of the timelines for this show might shift soon, depending on how long it takes for things to get back on track.

The Witcher season 5 seemingly confirmed by UK casting director

According to Deadline’s interview with UK casting director Sophie Holland, Netflix has already renewed the show for a fifth season. If so, that is a big deal since Netflix can often be stingy with renewals. Not many shows make it past season three these days, apart from big series like Stranger Things.

In the interview, Holland confirms that filming is about to get underway on The Witcher season 4 starring Liam Hemsworth, and they will begin season 5 soon after. Redanian Intelligence previously reported that Netflix had plans to film season 4 and season 5 back-to-back, so Holland seems to confirm that.

“We’re just about to start filming on season four with Liam Hemsworth and there will be a short gap then we go straight into season five,” she says in the Deadline interview.

However, it sounds like season 5 might only be in the early stages of writing, so it’s unclear if they can move forward as scheduled. Then again, since The Witcher films overseas, so it’s possible they might be able to get around the strike by hiring writers on location.

In a recent interview with Gay Times, Joey Batey, who plays Jaskier on the show, also indicated that season 5 will happen, saying:

"“A big part of our conversations were working out, ‘What is the history of LGBTQ+ relationships within this world of dragons and other things?’ And so, that’s an ongoing conversation that I’m so excited to, not only share with the world in season three but with season four and five onwards, find out where Jaskier ends up.”"

The Witcher season 3 part 1 premieres on June 29, followed by part 2 on July 27.

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