Do Kitty and Yuri end up together in XO, Kitty? (spoilers)

Experiencing love for the first time can be intense, and Kitty Song Convey finds this out for herself in XO, Kitty. The teen matchmaker has several love interests in the first season of the teen series, but who does she ultimately end up with? Is it Yuri? Find out below.

XO, Kitty follows 16-year-old Kitty Song Convey (Anna Cathcart) as she travels across the globe to Korea to be reunited with her long-distance boyfriend, Dae (Choi Min-young), and to learn more about her late mother’s life. But things don’t turn out quite how she planned when she arrives.

Spoilers ahead from XO, Kitty.

Kitty transfers to Dae’s boarding school (KISS) in Korea and discovers he is in a relationship with another girl. That girl is Yuri, a rich social media star. However, Kitty doesn’t know that Dae and Yuri are in a fake relationship. Yuri is gay and in love with her best friend Juliana, but she can’t come out because her parents won’t approve. So, she forces Dae into a fake relationship to keep her secret hidden.

Kitty eventually catches on that Yuri and Dae are in a fake relationship and tries to get Dae to confess, but he doesn’t let her know. Obviously, Kitty doesn’t like Yuri since she’s fake dating Dae, but things start changing at Min Ho’s party. After Yuri takes care of Kitty when she’s drunk, Kitty begins to see Yuri in a new light. She realizes she has romantic feelings for Yuri but is confused about why she does. So, she tries to suppress her feelings and focus on getting back with Dae. But even after she and Dae get back together, her feelings for Yuri remain. In fact, her feelings grow stronger.

But does Kitty eventually express her feelings to Yuri? Do they end up together at the end of the season? We answered these burning questions right below!

Do Kitty and Yuri end up together in XO, Kitty?

I hate to break it to you if you were rooting for Kitty and Yuri to end up together in the first season because they don’t. Kitty never gets to express her feelings to Yuri either because she gets interrupted by other people.

The first time she is interrupted is in the dance room at KISS. Kitty and Yuri stop dance practice to talk, and Kitty is about to tell Yuri how she feels and kiss her, but then Madison, Eunice, and Mihee walk into the room. The next time she tries to talk to Yuri about her feelings is the night of the talent show. Yuri attempts to talk to Kitty about their almost kiss but is interrupted by Principal Lim. I’m sure if Yuri got the chance to talk about the kiss, Kitty would’ve confessed then.

The last time Kitty tries to talk to Yuri about her feelings is at the Seoul airport. After she breaks things off with Dae, she turns around and sees Yuri standing there. As Kitty is about to tell Yuri how she feels about her, Juliana arrives and calls out Yuri’s name. Yuri runs up to Juliana and embraces her, and Kitty walks away to get on her plane back to Portland.

Could Kitty and Yuri get together in a potential XO, Kitty season 2? It’s possible. However, we still don’t know how Yuri feels about Kitty because she never got to talk to her about the almost kiss. But I’m sure Yuri knows that Kitty likes her at this point. Yuri loves Juliana, so even if she does have feelings for Kitty, would she split from Juliana to be with her? I’m sure all of this will be explored in a second season. Fingers crossed, Netflix renews XO, Kitty for an additional installment.

XO, Kitty is streaming on Netflix right now.