What happens at the end of Kill Boksoon on Netflix? (Kill Boksoon ending explained)

Kill Boksoon (L to R) Sul Kyung-gu as Cha Min-kyu, Esom as Cha Min-hee in Kill Boksoon Cr. No Ju-han/Netflix © 2023
Kill Boksoon (L to R) Sul Kyung-gu as Cha Min-kyu, Esom as Cha Min-hee in Kill Boksoon Cr. No Ju-han/Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix is taking a page out of the John Wick playbook with its slick, stylish, and darkly comedic Korean action thriller Kill Boksoon starring acclaimed actress Jeon Do-yeon in the title role. Gil Boksoon is a highly skilled assassin and the revered “knife” of her company MK Ent. She’s consistently sent out on the best jobs—which they refer to as “shows”—to display her chops as MK’s prized star.

It’s not too surprising that Boksoon is often hand-picked for the A-rank missions because MK’s Chairman, Cha Min-kyu (Sul Kyung-gu), has nurtured a soft spot for her since the day they met, a fact that does not go unnoticed by his deviant little sister, MK Director Cha Min-hee (Esom). Min-hee is as vindictive as they come and has made it her mission to eliminate Boksoon one way or another.

Spoilers ahead for Kill Boksoon

But despite the complexities and bloodshed of her day job, Boksoon’s real challenge comes when she gets home and has to deal with her daughter, Gil Jae-young (Kim Si-A). Killing isn’t the hard part; parenting is.

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Kill Boksoon ending: What happens between Boksoon and Chairman Cha?

Once it becomes clear that everything at MK is a mess and Chairman Cha Min-kyu murders MK intern Kim Young-ji (Lee Yeon), Boksoon reaches the end of her tolerance threshold and murders the Chairman’s crazy sister Director Cha Min-hee with a fountain pen. She sends the bloody pen to Chairman Cha as an official request for a duel to the death.

Boksoon defeats Chairman Cha in the duel. But the Chairman has one last trick up his sleeve, revealing that the camera in the room has been broadcasting their entire fight to Boksoon’s daughter, Gil Jae-young. The only thing Boksoon has ever wanted is to protect Jae-young and prevent her from knowing the truth about what she does for a living, so it’s a devastating final blow.

Who is Jae-young’s father?

We never find out who Jae-young’s father is, but the film implies that it could be Chairman Cha.

Does Jae-young know what Boksoon does for a living?

Chairman Cha claims he set up a camera so Jae-young could watch Boksoon kill him, but we never find out if he’s telling the truth. Boksoon imagines Jae-young’s reaction to seeing the footage, but when she gets home, Jae-young is asleep and doesn’t act any differently.

What does the Kill Boksoon post-credits scene mean?

However, the post-credits scene implies that Jae-young might have seen the video after all. We know she has a violent streak, like her mother, having stabbed her classmate with scissors earlier in the movie. The post-credits scene includes some clever callbacks to earlier in the film.

The Kill Boksoon post-credits scene shows a newly empowered Jae-young returning to her old school to say goodbye to her best friend/former lover. The fact Jae-young is saying goodbye to So-ra indicates she’s decided not to return to school, meaning she didn’t tell the truth about what happened, creating an aura of mystery around herself akin to her mother’s.

Jae-young tells So-ra she considered killing her and doesn’t leave before making a subtle, threatening gesture to her former victim, Cheol-woo.

Back at home, Boksoon notices an apple on the table near where Jae-young was sitting before leaving for school. If you remember the beginning of Kill Boksoon, there was a scene where Jae-young was seen eating an apple when her mother confronted her about finding cigarettes in her laundry.

In one version of that conversation, Jae-young snarks that it’s ironic that her mother would rebuke her for smoking when she does it herself. Using that logic, if Jae-young saw the Chairman’s footage, she might feel empowered to embrace her dark side.

Also hinting at the interpretation that Jae-young did see the footage and is okay with it is the fact Jae-young is wearing a bright red letter jacket in the post-credits. She’s been wearing neutral colors throughout the entire film, but both Boksoon and Director Cha wore bright red outfits. Women capable of murder seem to like the color red.

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