Jewish Matchmaking release date, matchmaker, synopsis, and everything we know

Jewish Matchmaking. Aleeza in episode 2 of Jewish Matchmaking. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Jewish Matchmaking. Aleeza in episode 2 of Jewish Matchmaking. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

A new Netflix dating show is on the way and is sure to become a new favorite. Netflix officially announced the upcoming series Jewish Matchmaking, starring acclaimed businesswoman Aleeze Ben Shalom as the titular “matchmaker.” The show, which comes from the producers who made the Netflix show Indian Matchmaking (which returns with its third season on April 21), will follow Shalom as she assists singles in their journey to go down the aisle.

The system Shalom uses in the show is known as “shidduchim” and it consists of introducing members of the Orthodox Jewish community to one another with the ultimate goal of getting married. It’s a good time to be a fan of Netflix dating shows, what with this series, Indian Matchmaking, Love is Blind, and more on the way.

Shalom spoke to E! News about the upcoming series, saying, “In today’s world of modern love, we are used to turning to technology to find love. We download apps and we upload profiles. We swipe left or swipe right. And yet, somehow finding ‘the one’ has never been harder. That’s where I come in…but I’m not your granny’s matchmaker! Join me and daters from across the U.S. and Israel as we tap into ancient wisdom and apply it to modern love.”

Learn more about Jewish Matchmaking below!

Jewish Matchmaking release date

The new dating series will be released on Wednesday, May 3. It looks like all of the episodes will be released simultaneously.

Jewish Matchmaking episode count

Season 1 will feature eight episodes, each one running for approximately 30 minutes.

Jewish Matchmaking synopsis

Here is the official synopsis from Netflix:

"A new series from the producers of Indian Matchmaking, Jewish Matchmaking features singles in the US and Israel as they turn their dating life over to top Jewish matchmaker, Aleeza Ben Shalom. Will using the traditional practice of shidduchim dating help them find their soulmate in today’s world?"

Who is the matchmaker on Jewish Matchmaking?

Aleeza Ben Shalom is a renowned and professional “matchmaker.” She founded the company Marriage Minded Mentor and is passionate about helping single people find the perfect person. She and her team are happy to help people regardless of age, affiliation, or what stage they’re at in their life.

Shows like Jewish Matchmaking

Since this series is by the same producers who created Indian Matchmaking for Netflix, you’ll want to check out that show if you haven’t seen it yet. Other Netflix dating shows like Perfect Match and Love is Blind will likely also appeal to you!

If you’re looking forward to watching Jewish Matchmaking, add the series to your watchlist so you get a reminder when it releases this May!

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