Netflix Black Knight release date, cast, synopsis, and everything we know so far

Black Knight Kim Woo-bin as 5-8 in Black Knight Cr. Kim Jin-young/Netflix © 2023
Black Knight Kim Woo-bin as 5-8 in Black Knight Cr. Kim Jin-young/Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix will be releasing a new Korean drama by the name of Black Knight soon, and I’m sure you’ll want to see it right away once you learn more about it. We’ve known about this show for a while, but now we have an official release date. So make sure to continue reading to find out all there is to know about the upcoming K-Drama, including when it will arrive on Netflix.

We’ve known about Black Knight since last year, but not much information was revealed at the time. Since then, there’s been so much information released about the show, and we gathered all the details to create a guide to share with you.

We have casting details, the show’s plot and official poster, the release date, and much more. So get ready to add this show to your watchlist because this is a K-Drama you will not want to miss!

When was Netflix Black Knight filmed?

As we mentioned earlier, Black Knight has a release date, so production has clearly already wrapped. As reported by Daily Research Plot, principal photography started sometime in March 2022 and wrapped in June 2022. The news outlet also reports that the post-production process has already finished. Seeing as though we have a release date, this makes sense.

Netflix Black Knight release date

Mark your calendar, set your alarm, and clear your schedule because Black Knight is coming to Netflix on Friday, May 12, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET. You can expect the complete first season to drop in your Netflix account on this date.

Netflix Black Knight cast

Kim Woo-bin stars in the leading role as 5-8, a legendary delivery man/black knight. He’s known for starring as Choi Young-do in The Heirs, also known as The Inheritors. You might’ve also watched him in School 2013 Friend: The Great LegacyThe Con ArtistsTwentyOur Blues and Alienoid.

Kang Yoo-seok portrays the role of Sa-wol, a refugee boy who hopes to one day be a black knight and be as heroic as 5-8. He’s had previous roles in the Korean dramas Melting Me SoftlyStart-UpBeyond Evil and Payback.

Esom stars alongside Kim Woo-bin and Kang Yoo-seok as Seol-ah, a military intelligence officer. She’s best known for her role as Deok-yi in the Korean thriller film Scarlet Innocence. She also had roles in the Korean series The Third Charm and Taxi Driver. She’s set to make her Netflix debut in the Korean crime action flick Kill Boksoon, arriving on the streamer on March 31.

Song Seung-heon was cast as Ryu Seok, the sole heir to the powerful Cheonmyeong Group and the antagonist in the series. According to Allkpop, Ryu Seok is “jealous of his father’s success and risks it all to prove his own worth.” Seung-heon is best known for his roles in the Korean series Autumn in My Heart, East of Eden, My PrincessBlackPlayerThe Great Show and Dinner Mate.

Here’s the cast list below:

  • Kim Woo-bin as 5-8
  • Kang Yoo-seok as Sa-wol
  • Esom as Seol-ah
  • Song Seung-heon as Ryu Seok
  • Kim Eui-sung
  • Jin Kyung
  • Lee Hak-joo
  • Lee Sang-hee
  • Yu Seong-ju

Netflix Black Knight synopsis

It’s a Korean series adapted from the webtoon Delivery Knight by Lee Yoon-gyun. Cho Ui-seok, who’s best known for writing and directing the Korean thriller Master, is behind the show as the writer and director. Additionally, PROJECT318 produced the series.

It tells the story of the Black Knights, delivery drivers who play a huge part in a dystopian future devastated by severe air pollution.

Here’s the synopsis via Asianwiki:

"Set in the year 2071, where the world has been decimated by toxic air pollution. Only about 1 percent of the population has survived and a strict social class now exists. People rarely leave their homes and, when they do, they wear gas masks due to the air pollution. Citizens rely heavily on parcel delivery service for their needs. Delivery drivers, known as knights, delivers the packages and also protect them from thieves.Knight 5-8 (Kim Woo-Bin) is a legendary knight. He is also highly skilled in physical combat. He happens to meet boy Sa-Wol (Kang You-Seok), who is a refugee. Sa-Wol dreams of becoming a knight and he admires Knight 5-8. Seol-A (Esom) is an officer in the Defense Intelligence Command. She saved Sa-Wol’s life and takes care of Sa-Wol like he is part of her family. Knight 5-8 helps Sa-Wol become a knight."

Netflix Black Knight official poster

On March 29, Netflix dropped the official poster and announced the release date. Check it out below!

Netflix Black Knight age rating

The show is rated TV-MA, meaning it’s meant to be watched by mature audiences only. It was given this age rating for strong language and smoking. Given the show’s subject matter, a TV-MA age rating seems appropriate. Overall, it may not be suitable for children under the age of 17.

Netflix Black Knight trailer

On April 26, Netflix dropped the exciting official trailer. Check it out below!

Be sure to check out Black Knight, arriving on Netflix on May 12.

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