Who Were We Running From? season 2: Will there be another season on Netflix?

Who Were We Running From?Image Courtesy Netflix
Who Were We Running From?Image Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix released a suspenseful crime thriller series titled Who Were We Running From? on March 24, and people still can’t stop talking about it. A total of seven episodes dropped, and it didn’t take long for most people to speed their way through the entire first season since the plot is so intriguing, and every episode leaves you wanting more. As expected, now everyone’s wondering if there will be a Who Were We Running From? season 2. We shared everything we know about a potential second season below.

Who Were We Running From? is a Turkish Netflix original series created by Umut Aral and Gökçen Usta. It’s based on the 2007 book Biz Kimden Kaçiyorduk Anne? by Perihan Mağden and tells the story of a mother trying to hide her mysterious past while she and her daughter are constantly on the run, staying in luxury hotel after luxury hotel to attempt to lay low and avoid being noticed. But as they relocate from hotel to hotel, they leave a trail of bodies behind, quickly putting them on the authorities’ radar.

Melisa Sözen, Eylül Tumbar, Musa Uzunlar, Birand Tunca, Jessica Rookeward, Isik Naz Özedgü, Basak Dasman, Hakan Emre Unal, Devrim Kabacaoglu, Alper Çankaya, Meriç Rakala, and others make up the talented cast.

Will there be a Who Were We Running From? season 2?

As of March 27, it’s unknown whether there will be a second installment. Netflix has not spoken about the show’s fate. However, no one should be worrying just yet because it’s not been that long since the show was released. Netflix doesn’t usually make a decision right away. Instead, the streaming giant waits to see how many people tune in and watch a show in a specific time frame before deciding whether to renew or cancel. Typically, it takes a month or so before Netflix announces its decision.

Honestly, it really all comes down to viewing hours. If tons of people watch the first season in its first month on the streamer, this will better the chances of it being renewed by Netflix. And it’s important that people watch each episode from beginning to end for it to count. Of course, Netflix also takes into consideration other factors, such as critical acclaim and production costs when deciding what it wants to do with a series. Again, however, viewing hours are the main factor.

But if you’re wondering what the chances are of Who Were We Running From? returning with a second season, we’d say the chances aren’t very high. The reason being that the first season ends in a way that seems final. In other words, the story wraps up. But at the same time, a potential second season could center around Bambi now that it’s just her on the run. She learned many survival skills from her mother that she could use while continuing to evade the police. Also, the writers could easily come up with new storylines if a second season were to happen.

So if you want to see a continuation of the crime thriller in a Who Were We Running From? season 2, make sure to tell everyone you know about it to increase the viewing hours and show Netflix that another season is worth it.

We’ll keep you posted on the show’s renewal status, so stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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